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Higher Cause
Compact Disc $12

  iTunes Higher Cause

Bear Some Soul
Cassette Tape $7



My recordings are also available through Amazon.com here's a review
Bear Some Soul - Has A Lot of Soul!March 29, 2001
 5.0 out of 5 stars
By A Customer
This review is from: Bear Some Soul (Audio CD)
I have owned this album for a couple of months now. Natalie seems to have American Indian roots in here music. She posseses a powerfull voice that soothes and inspires you! She seems to sing about lifes lessons she has learned along the way and I await in much anticipation of here next album. If you like blues with a twist of folk music with a large dose of soul lifting inspiration I highly recomend this album and whatever more she has to offer us in the future! 

Bear Some Soul
Compact Disc $12

 iTunes Bear Some Soul

Bear Some Soul
will touch your Dreams by going through your
Roots. This high quality and well crafted CD is mixed with Natalie Cox's folkrock, blues, ballads, and humor.
-The Orchard

Let the Music Heal Ya,  Heart & Stone,
Higher Cause
3 Song Demo Cassette $2



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My style of music as a singer/songwriter usually fits into the categories/genres of Singer/songwriter, Acoustic, Alternative, Soft rock, Folk rock, Folk, Blues, Ballad, Female Vocalist, Easy Listening, Light Jazz, Contemporary Folk, Traditional Folk, Rock, American Folk, Pop, A capella.

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Natalie Cox, BME, LSWP, Reiki Instructor, and Singer/Songwriter.

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In addition to this website, www.nataliecox.com, other places to obtain compact discs of Higher Cause and compact discs and cassettes of Bear Some Soul are at my shows when I am entertaining as a singer/songwriter.  

Other places to obtain my compact discs of Higher Cause and Bear Some Soul are in stores throughout Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, South Dakota, and Minnesota.  Most of these stores are small independently owned, I DEEPLY apologize for not listing all of the small independently owned stores here, but I will in the future as my list was disturbed as my old office survived a microburst/tornado in 2006 in Lawrence, KS containing small metal lead/pb flakings.  I had to throw away some, not all, of my documents. See my March 12, 2006 Microburst & Lead/pbWatch for Kids pages for more information. 

More places to obtain my compact discs of Higher Cause and Bear Some Soul are also at franchised businesses including Hastings Book Stores, Barnes and Noble, and
 Border's Books in the states of Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota and South Dakota.

Other website places to obtain my compact discs via internet are TheOrchard, who ever TheOrchard does business with and Amazon.com.

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If you are interested in recording my songs, by law you do NOT have to ask permission to record anyone's music as of 2012.   By standard, when we, as recording artists(band or singer), record any one elses music in the United States, we are to use the complusory license of the Copyright Right Act Sec 115.   Please know I am registered with BMI.

If you are interested in recording my songs and wish to discuss it with me please feel free to call or eMail.  I do not do texting. Should you desire to contact me by eMail, due to spam, please subject post recording question or recording request, so I do not delete it.    
My Contact info link is here.  If you have questions about recording my songs, in most cases I am happy to answer.  Please allow up to 10 business days for me to respond.  

Thank you,  (a complete  song title list is on the way 3/20/12) 

Natalie Cox

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If you are interested in selling My compact discs of Higher Cause and Bear Some Soul in your store, I usually request a small payment for the compact discs of Higher Cause and Bear Some Soul.  Bear Some Soul is in compact disc form and in cassettes.  I do not do consignment.  

And before you make an arrangement to sell compact discs of Higher Cause and or Bear Some Soul with someone else who says that they are from Rhythm for Peace, PLEASE feel free to call Natalie Cox 785-842-9219- otherwise you might be selling illegal copies of my compact discs.  My CD's and cassettes are manufactured by Media Services.

This too is also being prosecuted also for infringement of Business Law, Copyright Infringement and Piracy.
 It's illegal to sell copies of copied compact discs.  I state this to protect you, the business owner.

The legal business term is called AUTHORIZED SELLER.

Most of the time, it is me, Natalie Cox dba Rhythm for Peace, selling compact discs and cassettes to stores.  Please feel free to call.   MOST of the time it is not even an issue.  Compact discs are meant to be enjoyed.

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TheOrchard was new 2001.  I gave 2 of my albums Bear Some Soul and Higher Cause to the Orchard through Mercy Recording Studios, Lawrence, KS & Media Services of Omaha, NE for the expansion of independent businesses to be prosperous and profitting.  WE knew from the recording studio that theOrchard would be making mp3's in addition to selling my compact discs.  We means Mercy Recording Studios, Media Services and me, the songwriter and recording artist.  This was in 2001 and 2002. 

At first theOrchard sold only compact discs.   I hired Media Service for the mass productuction of compact discs of which they did a really good job.  TheOrhard came from recommedations of Media Services.   tTeOrchard got their website up collected a bunch of artists.

Between 2002 and 2004, communication with theOrchard was very simple, clean and easy.  A telephone call is all that is required and they would visit with you.

In 2004, the Orchard made mp3 copies of my recordings without any written contract with the copyright holder.  I stayed in contact and theOrchard with me in reasonable fashions.   The internet boom and the mp3 boom caused a lot of positive growth and desention.  

From March 12, 2006 to December 11, 2011 I really did not address any mass marketing fraud issues due to the survival needs from lead and arsenci debris that got picked up and distributed from the microburst.  Try cleaning with bio hazard suits for a while. 

As of October 2011, theOrchard requested my TIN number I sent it back by the deadline's request date by hardcopy (paper) as it was listed as an option. 

In November of 2011, I requested by email a list of companies that they have distributed with the intention of equal marketing as a sole proprietor with a business agreement with theOrchard, to help them sell mp3's copies.  I received no response from the Orchard or the IODA aka theOrchard.

As of April 2, 2012 theOrchard merged with the Independent Online Distribution Alliance publicly.  
On this site, Natalie Cox com,  mp3's are available through iTunes,
Amazonmp3, and Zune

Spotify, Music Beta, rdio, Verizon Wireless, Rhapsody and Zune are some of the stores listed by the distributor.  They theOrchard put these internet stores on their website between January 1, 2012 through April 1, 2012.

FACT:  when I sent an email to the IODA to request information as of 4/2/12, I again have received no response, but it was okay for them to ask for my social security number and not talk to the person who carries the number.   The email address of IODA is theOrchard.

FACT: theOrchard kept a catalog of artists available to the general public from 2002 to December 2011.  The catalog is no longer available to look at as of April 1, 2012.  

Thank you for considering piracy before making a purchase.  A lot of the mp3 sales are considered MASS MARKETING FRAUD by the Internal Revenue Service.  I agree.  For more info about other piracy issues feel free to read Stop Piracy being kept by me to the best of my ability, Natalie Cox.

Natalie Cox dba Rhythm for Peace
Stay out of lead and aluminum! Watch disease and illness fade away!!

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Album 5 is in creative stages at this time

Words and Music, Exclusive Rights by Natalie Cox

Some of the songs are :
What I'm Of


Blues Be Gone 
    (recorded before with Ron Heape at College Campus KU Radio)

Hanjte Yo Ja Ja Hanjte Yo Ja Ja Hanjte Yo Ja Ja Hanjte Yo Ja Ja Waste Wi Cak Sa Pe Ya Hey ya Hey ya Song

Borrowed Time

Peace Pilgrim

Star Nation (Wheel Go Round and Round)

Where's the War

Window Open

My fourth album is called Stand for the Solution.
Single songs from the album are available on internet radio.
I have not made compact discs for this full length recording.

All songs are written, performed, recorded, Exclusive Rights  Natalie Cox,
Some of the tracks I recorded with other musicians.  

Title Tracks from Stand for the Solution are:

Give Some Love Away,
piano and vocals;  
        I composed this bass line from the works of Mary Lou Williams.  I love Mary Lou Williams and honor her work for keeping jazz alive.

Where are You,
guitar and vocals;  Mirrors are reflections.

, guitar and vocals; It means Stand Up in Lakota. One good heart stand up.

Stand for the Solution
, Barry Barnes-percussion, Natalie Cox guitar, vocals.  It's a good old fashion protest song.

Window Open, guitar and vocals.  The guitar style is derived from Percy Mayfield's version Feel Like a Stranger in My Hometown.  James Phalen taught the guitar style to me.  Thank you Percy. 

Truth Will Find You guitar and vocals.

Know What's Real, vocals and guitar.  Know What's Real is dealing with emotional reality mixed with natural "law" truths that contribribute to the misunderstanding of the human conditions and awareness of syncronicity of ground nature.

Together, vocals and guitar Together is a 5 piece instrumental with vocals with a scat cat rhythm requesting world peace.

Owner of Paradise, vocals and guitar by Natalie Cox.  Owner of Paradise is jazz.  It is a poetic song about the galaxy itself.  It pokes fun of the concept of ownership.

Homeless Boy, Barry Barnes on auxillary percussion, vocals and guitar Natalie Cox  Homeless Boy is about life experiences in Kansas City all people mentioned in this song are real.

Touch Me, guitar and vocal has a classic rock rock sound

musicians: Reggie Boyd, Prairie flute, Bass, vocals, Barry Barnes congas & vocals, Micheal Fitzgerald trap set, Natalie Cox Piano, guitar, vocals

Recorded by Big Time Productions in Kansas City, Missouri
S. Phillips

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Info about Higher Cause my 3rd album  LISTENING SAMPLES
all songs written words and music by Natalie Cox, Exclusive Rights

Let the Music Heal Ya is a rock of the blues

Heart and Stone

Higher Cause has a classic rock sound


Alligator Stew

This Mountain is a protest song for all inhumane actions from mining, with a few hills kept in mind specifically, a calling for the healing spirits

Stars on the Ocean Floor-truth is sometimes reversed as to what is in and out, up and down layers of repetitiveness in nature are revealed by lyrics in this somewhat slow ballad contemplative piece.


Not Alone

Hippie on the Road a song about Moses

Staying Connected

Blues Again piano and vocals-
    is a standardized Chicago blues shuffle with lyrics on top in B

Recording Engineer: Randy Wills

Download Higher Cause eMusic

Amazonmp3's  Higher Cause link

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Info about Bear Some Soul my 2nd album  LISTENING SAMPLES 
all songs written words&music and recorded by Natalie Cox, exclusive rights



Yellow jazz with lyrical truth

hidden track- Fire Within is a guitar instrumental in D

Tatanka- it was an honor to meet Fred Dupree as I got to sing this song at a bison symposium in Lincoln: honoring bison and animal rights. This song has been performed with several buffalo herds that are being taken care of. Tatanka has been on AIROS American Indian Radio on Satellite. Do not look a head buffalo in the eyes, tantaka will think it is a challenge.

Bear Some Soul-was written from a first grade memory, tracing a bear through the light of a window

Earth Day Song

Weep for the Willow- is a protest song.  It is IMPORTANT to realize the chemical use aspect and how it impacts our enviornment: trees, water supply, and animal to human health.  This song is inspired from the knowledge of when people test (chemically test) to see if there is uranium and other mining ores that they pollute the earth.  The Missouri River and it's basins are permanently damaged at this time due to chemcial testing before mining.  Willow trees no longer grow in certain portions of the Missouri River from chemical testing, not to mention that pre mining techniques include the wiping out of forests.  Dirt turns white, nothing, nothing grows and there is no life sustainment. 

Squeak Blues

Southern Style Breakfast Man 's hook started in a living room as a joke, we thought it was so funny we would record it.

Every River Bank

Freedom Train - Bessie Smith inspired


musicians: Tonia Salvini violin, Mike Fowler harmonica, Mike Fitzgerald trap, Matt LaPoint bass

Recording Engineer: Matt LaPoint


Download Bear Some Soul through eMusic

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Info about  It's a Soul Thing Album 1

all words and music by Natalie Cox, copyright rights owner

If you  would like a recording (compact disc) of It's a Soul Thing, please contact Rhythm for Peace.

Some of the songs are:

Sparky and Alberta

Let the Love Fall

Freedom Train- Bessie Smith inspired

It's a Soul Thing (Have You Ever Been There?)

Another Love Song keyboards by Matt LaPoint

Recording Engineer Matt LaPoint



Jeannine Parvati Baker & I personally exchanged links in the early 2000's by email.


Historical truths are in this book- an Excellent collection of cultural traditions documented- I strongly recommend it. - I have not had an antibiodic since using this book from November 2001
Natalie Cox
Hygieia, A Women's Herbal by Jeannine Parvati who later married Baker.

2535 S. Desert Rd.
Moab, UT 84532 USA

Jeannine passed away from cancer in the early 2000's from cancer. 
Jeannine won several awards and was a wonderful author of several books.  Hygieia was written in the 1970's.
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