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Music Lessons meet in the areas of Lawrence, McClouth, Eudora,
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Lessons for piano/keyboard or 6 string guitar- 
meet for 30" up to one hour once a week on a regular basis. If you would like to have just one or two lessons, it's fine. Very beginners, those who have previous musical skill or if you are an advanced musician are welcome.  
     Piano/keyboard and or 6 string guitar lessons include several musical topics.  To the best of my ability I honestly meet you where you are at with your own musical gifts, musical aptitudes, skills and go from there, helping with your musical growth.  Some of the musical topics I teach about are included in the following.  Basic beginning, like how to hold the guitar so that you are comfortable, and with the piano, learning to keep oneself distanced away appropriately from the instrument so that your arms and hands have the best angles to play well. Another topic of basic beginning with piano is how to develop hand movement while having fun.  Basic stretching, that takes less than 3 to 4 minutes, so that it is easier to play the guitar and piano. 
     When I work with children, I usually play at least one musical game at least every other lesson to encourage ear training and rhythm development.   The earliest age I teach with guitar is usually six.  The earliest age I teach with piano is four.  There are always exceptions.  Fun, laughter and enjoyment are mandatory.
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     When I teach,  I focus on what works.  I do not adhere to any one specific methodology and "make" the student follow it.  I am familiar with several music education methodologies and integrate all of them to help you have a positive musical experience  I endorse several music education methodologies, including Dalcroze, Suzuki, Solfege, and Orff.  I try to help you, the piano and guitar students to develop your own strategies that work for you.
     I teach listening skills that will benefit students so that increased comprehension can take place to further other musical skills.  I help to develop the musical ear by helping students to notice what it is he or she is listening to, pitch
differential, the intervals- how far apart are the musical sounds and how that correlates with ear to hand/body movement.  In the lesson, this is accomplished by playing musical games, analyzing student's choice recordings, and learning the language of intervals including different types of chords and chord sonorities, textures of the sound.  I encourage playing by ear from already knowing the song "by heart," and how to play by ear from using recordings.
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    At any age and at any musical caliber, one can enhance melodic and rhythmic aptitude and skills.  At the very beginning, it is noting the vocabulary difference between melody and rhythm and understanding how melody and rhythm works together.  Usually, the study of melody or "soloing" is how most beginning musicians start to practice.  The melody includes rhythm.  This leads to memorizing the song on the piano or guitar, like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or When the Saints Go Marching In.  I usually recommend every guitar and piano player to keep a few songs memorized from the very start.  So that means I also teach how to memorize music from a few different perspectives, including classical style.  
     There are worlds of different rhythms, as MOST of us already well know.  At the begininng stages of piano and guitar study this means how to keep a steady beat and become aware of different rhythms, styles of rhythms, how to create your own rhythms are all musical topics that I teach.  Some of my students prefer to learn multitudes of rhythm patterns, while some of my students like to become aware of musical genres which are defined by rhythm.  It is important to me for each individual student to be able to assess accurately where they are at rhythmically.  It is not a good nor bad thing.  Rhythm is something to be learned and rhythm is a skill, as well as melody.  When the person who is taking lessons from me can understand how he or she relates with rhythm, it becomes much easier to learn rhythm and about rhythm.  If you are patient with yourself, you will understand how you personally learn rhythm skills and keep them to your musical advantage.
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     In piano and guitar lessons, I teach how to understand musical notation and reading of staves, tablature and other forms of sheet music.  I accomplish this by encouraging parents to expose their children to listen to music, in turn, using their developed ear- there's that ear to hand/arm movement stuff- to assist them in reading.  There are several ways to learn how to read music.  In the beginning stages color code paper charts, rote, memory, simply making a commitment to do it and more.   
     Other topics of music that I use to teach piano and guitar lessons with are introductions and exposure to different musical styles of modern day societies and historical concepts.  
I teach basic western music theory and integration of modalities. When I say mode, I am referring to the historical collection from Europe, often called the Seven Church Modes, that are representations of seven pre-existing cultures before and during the Roman Empire.  These modes were in use dating back to around 800 AD, the modes were assimilated and are passed on in today's European and American music.
     I teach improvisational techniques- this also ties in with knowing intervals and basic theory, scales major minor pentatonic chord development, chord sequencing. songwriting.  Improvising is simple for a lot of my students.  I simply ask the student at the beginning stages to make up a melody while I play bass chords or a bass line.  Improvising evolves with the use of knowledge from scales and basic to advanced chord knowledge and of course practice. 
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     I do not require all of my students to do all of the above.  Rather, I meet with you, see what you want to do musically, make up a plan of action that you the individual agree with or the family agrees with.  We proceed from there with music lessons.  If you decide to take lessons from me on a more continuous basis, we re-discuss your goals with piano and guitar music about every 4-6 weeks to make sure you are headed in a musical direction that you want to go. 
     Students are encouraged to go at a pace you are comfortable with. Students are encouraged to develop your own individual musicianship, artistic style and creativity.  Students are encouraged to make up your own musical goals.  Family members are invited and welcome to join during the lesson. It is important to me the person feel comfortable, relaxed and enjoy their learning process.
One music book does not fit all.  I use different method books to teach with.  Some personalities do better with one set of music books and others do better with different music books.  If you have pre-existing music books that you like- let's use them.  If you have music books that you do not like, I suggest recycling them to a library, book store, reselling them or give them to a neighbor.  
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     Written contracts are available upon request with piano and guitar students. I do ask for common courtesy like calling me as soon as possible if you or your child cannot make it for the scheduled lesson so that we can reschedule the lesson date or just go to the next week.  If I show up for a lesson, you are not there and you did not call me the morning before the lesson, payment for that missed lesson that day is requested.  Lessons are $20 per half hour.

Teaching Background & Forward motion:  I am a graduate from the University of Kansas with a Music Education degree. I continue to teach private piano & guitar lessons and have been teaching private piano and guitar lessons since 1993. In 1997, I created and taught a toddler dance, movement & general music study program for Maria Montessori in the Home, Lawrence, KS.  I taught group & private piano lessons at the Lawrence Piano Studio, 1995-1998, when it was on Massachusetts Street and still exists today on 6th street in Lawrence, KS.  I also have provided a Songwriter's Workshop for one of Lawrence's Junior High School's Gifted Programs in 1999.  August 30, 2013, I received the Lawrence Award.   The following is a list of some of my musical teachers.   All of these music teachers, I am grateful for.  
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Piano Education Background
Teachers:  Barbara Stimpful,
Cynthia Avilia, Jerry Simms
From the University of Kansas privately with Dr. Angeletti classical training and other collegiate influences are Dr. C Hepp, Dr J. Winerock 
Eric Sukamura, Bill Barker .
Independent piano study includes Mary Lou Williams, Thomas Waller,
Scott Joplin, Jimmy Rowles, Ray Charles, Nacio Herb Brown and more. 

My favorite piano teacher is my maternal grandmother who taught me boogie woogie, jump bass accompaniment, how to do duets, & to honor my ear.
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Guitar Education Background:
Teachers:  Kevin Little who provided introduction to classical guitar music study,  basic chords and strumming techniques.  Meagan Murphy who helped to develop improvisation, soloing and ear training techniques.
Carol Dressler encouraged chord development, technique study,
jazz and pop styles.Cynthia Egger with a Master's Degree in Guitar from North Carolina encourages altered tunings, blues styles, Spanish Classical guitar intro, and strumming techniques.James Phalen teaches
concentrated blues styles by differing artists, ear training, technique chord study.
 My guitar independent study includes Christopher Parkening Methodology, Frederick Noad, Manscie Lipscomb, Larry Coryell,
Memphis Minnie, other blues and jazz artists

King Georgie II has helped with some rhythm.
This list of piano and guitar teachers is not complete.  I have had more teachers than what is listed.
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Lesson appointments are made by phone 785-842-9219 or email:

Piano or 6 String Guitar lessons are availabile Tuesday through Saturday 9am through 8:30pm in Lawrence, Eudora, McClouth, Big Springs, & Topeka  KS at an agreed upon appropriate place via music room, studio or your home at $20 per half hour.

Piano and or Guitar Private Lessons or Reiki sessions are also available when I am performing in different cities within 13 miles of the city I am performing in; dates for availability are mentioned on the performance calendar.
If you have any questions related to piano or guitar lessons please feel free to call 785-842-9219 or email:

Thank you, Natalie Cox
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For Your Wedding Processional & Recessional
contact Natalie Cox
Phone: 785-842-9219

Baldwin, Big Springs, Bonner Springs, DeSoto, Eudora, Lawrence, McClouth, Tonganoxie,Topeka , KS areas

Piano and or Guitar Music of Your Choice:  I perform Christian, classical, soft and pop rock, and some country with or without singing.

As much as possible advance notice is preferred, although I do ask for three weeks notice so that I can be well rehearsed for your wedding.

If you would like to have live music for your processional/recessional at your wedding, have any questions and would like more information please contact:
Natalie Cox, BME
Phone: 785-842-9219
What  Reiki is
Reiki is said to be a healing tradition.  I speak and write from my personal experience of with Reiki.  Reiki is partially responsible for helping to access other parts of the brain and mind to encourage the body to heal and to use different thinking "processes" that one may not normally use on a day to day basis.  Reiki is beneficial as an excellent identification, not diagnostic, tool.  Reiki helps one to become one more aware of what is going on with the body.  Reiki helps to realign the yan and yin.  Reiki can help to alleviate a fever.  Reiki helps one to relax the body.  Reiki can be used to help shift body temperatures within and around the aura so that qi can move more freely.  Reiki can help stimulate the intuition. Reiki can help the meditation process so that healthier decisions can be made. 

I have used Reiki as a completely natural relaxation technique.  I have used Reiki as a methodology of completely natural biofeed back. I have used Reiki as a methodology of completely natural nervine stimulous that can aide one's body in healing from injuries, emotional trauma, emotional release, and many other forms of dis-ease. 
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I have found Reiki can enable one to listen to one's own body differently and with different awareness.  I have found Reiki helps to encourage the finding where there are stress areas needing to relax.  One does not have to have both hands to practice Reiki.  Nor does one have to use both of their hands to do Reiki.  I also believe that with the right practice, Reiki can be drawn from the feet. 

When one is practicing Reiki, I consider it a self discipline.  When one is practicing Reiki, I have found the use of Reiki will encourage the use of instincts and intuition combined.  When one is learning Reiki, it does require rote, memory, and tactile learning. 

I was taught that Reiki has history from Japan in the late 1800's that arrived in the United States of America, to my knowledge in the 1930's.  My understanding is Reiki was paid for monetarily by an American medical doctor in the 1940's.  I am happy to share further Reiki history at a session.  Reiki history and knowledge is also available through books and other literature. Reiki does use spiritual principals found commonly in all religions world renowned.
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I have been teaching about Reiki since 2005    I teach how to give yourself a Reiki treatment. Giving yourself a Reiki treatment DOES require practice.  I believe that when you give Reiki to yourself on a regular basis one can better teach about Reiki.  After teaching how to give yourself a Reiki treatment, then I teach how to administer a Reiki treatment to another.

I became a certified Reiki Master Teacher, starting my training and first attunement with Patty Massell in 1995, got my 1st degree of Reiki with Jan Weins, got my 2nd degree of Reiki with Patty Massell 2001 who worked with Ruth Cooper of Wichita, KS; I took a seminar at the Univeristy of Kansas from Arati Haran Jyoti, whose son attended at KU in 2002; and finishing Reiki Master Teacher certification from the Reiki Rays Holistic Institute accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners in 2004.
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I give private Reiki treatments and instruction. During my first degree I gave over 20 treatments to individuals. While completing my Masters certification process I gave over 200 hours of Reiki treatments to individuals. I have been giving Reiki treatments to others since 1995.  I usually give myself a Reiki session at least once a week, sometimes twice a week ranging anywhere from 15 minutes up to an hour.

Dr. Richard D Yennie, DC, Acupuncture, Chiropractic Medicine, 4140 Broadway St, Kansas City, MO 64111, (816) 931-0287, stated to me in 2010, "You do good work," after I assisted one of his clients, my friend, in getting to his office and with Reiki.

What Reiki is NOT
Reiki is NOT a medical diagnosis.  Reiki is NOT a replacement nor an alternative to medical treatment.  Reiki is NOT religion.  Reiki is NOT mysticism. 
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Please seek appropriate medical attention, like if you need to get a bone set, one can receive Reiki while going to the hospital.  Reiki can help to heal bones, soft tissues, and internal organs.  Yet it is not the entire cure.  Get the bone set!!  Holistic and naturopath principals apply, just as all eastern and western medicinal traditions and modalities. 
How do I make an appointment to receive a Reiki treatment or get individualized Reiki Training??
We meet at an agreed upon place (within the areas of Baldwin, Big Springs, Bonner Springs, DeSoto, Eudora, Lawrence, McClouth, Tonganoxie, and Topeka, Kansas.  When I'm performing in differing cites I am also available for Reiki sessions!!
) Sessions are anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour long.  I charge $60 an hour for a Reiki session including instruction and/or treatments. 
For literature, I use the book Reiki Our Earth Mother, written by Arati Haran Jyoti . The book is NOT for sale; the book is for free private circulation.  I am happy to make a copy of the book for you,  free of any additional charges.  I also use a drawing for charting personal recovery and change.  I encourage everyone to keep their own notebook for holistic awareness over time.
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Please call 785-842-9219 or email: if you would like to schedule an appointment for Reiki.
Natalie Cox

Studio Musician Services- for your recording project, film, documentary or video
Please contact Natalie Cox

Phone: 785-842-9219

 piano, keys, guitar, vocals, aux percussion
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