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to Lead/pb WATCH for Kids TOPICS

PREVENTION is worth it. Prevention is part of the cure. If you feel like you are going crazy- check for lead/pb!! The Healthy Homes Programs across the United States offers FREE lead/pb blood lead/pb level distribution tests in two "major" cities across the United States. In Kansas it is Wichita, Ks and Kansas City, Ks. They- who ever we are- are changing lead/pb laws all the time. I, honestly, had a teacher tell me that 2.5 is considered elevated. The teacher's son had lead poisoning.  I believe the TEACHER  that 2.5 micrograms per deciliter of blood is considered elevated in EVERYONE's body!!

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 Lead Poisoning


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to Lead/pb WATCH for Kids TOPICS

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West Virginia University Health Sciences Center (2008, March 26).
Chronic Illness Linked To Coal-mining Pollution, Study Shows. ScienceDaily
Lead gets into
using leaded
smoke stacks
from different
kind of power
Lead/pb gets
into air when
we drop
Lead/pb gets
into our air
when we use
to blow off
mountain tops
to dig for
coal.  Lead/pb also gets into the air when we use chemicals with lead/pb in them for digging for coal.
Lead/pb gets into our air
when we use
fuel.  Lead/pb gets into our air
when we fire guns.  Lead/pb gets into our air
we spray fertilizer and pesticides with lead/pb in them.

What are other
ways that lead/pb
can get into our


#1 Arsenic
#2 Lead
#3 Mercury
. . .
There are over 275
listed, for more info
see the
Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
Division of Toxicology and Environmental Medicine
1600 Clifton Road NE, Mailstop F-62
Atlanta, GA 30333
Phone: 1-800-CDC-INFO 888-232-6348 (TTY)


 are a

criminal law.
A menace
or injury
to the lives
property of those against whom it is made.

2. Sending threatening letters to persons for the purpose of extorting money, is said to, be a misdemeanor at common law. Hawk. B. 1, c. 53, s. 1; 2 Russ. on Cr. 575; 2 Chit. Cr. L. 841; 4 Bl. Com. l26.

Title IV
of the
is called


Sec. 401. Definitions.

Sec. 402. Lead-based paint activities training and certification.

Sec. 403. Identification of dangerous levels of lead.

Sec. 404. Authorized State programs.

Sec. 405. Lead abatement and measurement.

Sec. 406. Lead hazard information pamphlet.

Sec. 407. Regulations.

Sec. 408. Control of lead-based paint hazards at Federal facilities.

Sec. 409. Prohibited acts.

Sec. 410. Relationship to other Federal law.

Sec. 411. General provisions relating to administrative proceedings.

Sec. 412. Authorization of appropriations.

it helps to alleviate lead poisoning symptoms!Al_Art.pdf
74.0 KB

If you have 2.5 + lead in your blood levels, this is considered elevated.
Ground where people have mined for lead/pb and contaminated the ground and water from mining waste often get special signs that look like:
From holistic perspective, it is wise to include testing all consumer products with lead surface test kits, easily attained from most hardware stores.  Computer Cords, electric devices, etc, especially those items purchased from the year 2001 to 2010. If the item you purchased fails a lead surface test please take it back to the store where you purchased it from and tell them that it violates the 1990 Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Act. Several things may happen: 1) They may look at you like you don't know what you are talking about.  You can tell the manager to stop attempting to give his/her costumers and employees unwanted diseases.  2) They may replace it for you for free with a RoHS  compliant item. When we act this way, we help our children, those already suffering from pre-existing illness, our pets and ourselves.  

Choline is a nutrient in foods.
Nutritional professionals have proven choline helps to repair the brain. Foods that have choline are EGGS, beef, chicken, fish, beans, mushrooms, orange juice and more. Nutritional websites have foods listed with nutrients.

 EGGS have choline -
Please buy eggs from your local farmer if you do not have your own chickens.  Where ever you buy eggs from, get the PAPER EGG CARTON.

Please make sure that the chickens are being treated fairly, since they feed you.  This means HEALTHY pesticide free feed, able to run around freely.  Some people call this Free Range.

Several American Health Organizations recommend eating four eggs a week, for several reasons.  There are recommended amounts to eat daily for choline for your size.  Nutritional calculators add up some known nutrients that we are eating.  One nutritional calculator is Cron O Meter.  Health professionals have proven eating the right amount of minerals will prevent and reduce the risk of cancer.

 Using glass instead of plastic and glue in to go cups is one form of reducing poison exposure to prevent cancer.

There are also glass cookware and stove top glass tea pots available.  Several authorities state that glass cookware is the healthiest. 

It is a fact that Tephalon, Cephalon, and other non stick cookware cause cancer and other illnesses.

Porcelain many times also contains lead/pb, Please check a safety data material sheet and or the contact the manufacturer to find out how much lead/pb is being used.

Crock pots are known to contain lead/pb.

I have found documents dating from 1917 about the dangers of aluminum cookware and utensils. One source is mentioned on my aluminum poisoning article.

Microwaves are outlawed in certain countries.  There are several documents and studies that WARN people about the use of microwaves.  Microwaves are health threats.

Tephlon and Cephalon are known to cause cancer.  Any and all heavy metals when heated are known to be more poisonous then when at room temperature.

WARNING:  There are several glass cookwares that have levels of lead/pb in them.  Corning ware is also known to have lead/pb.

Green Living Tips- Styrofoam CAUSES cancer.  Styrofoam is called polystyrene. 
REFUSING polystrene can help to improve your health.

Michael Bloch
Green Living
Green Living Tips is an online resource powered by renewable energy offering a wide variety of earth friendly tips, green guides, advice and environment related news to help consumers and business reduce costs, consumption and environmental impact.

LOW LEVEL LEAD EXPOSURE and Styrofoam do NOT mix,  ..., if you are having confusion and or breathing problems, one solution is reduce the use of Styrofoam and and eliminate all consumer products that contain lead/pb.
Sweet and pungent odors are mostly signs of mold, mildew, dry rot, wood rot, and fungi damage in businesses, storage sheds, marinas, docks, fences and homes.  This is a signal that there is probable lead present.
Trees get sick and don't grow very well at all when we continue to use heavy metals.
Continuing the use of heavy metals makes it hard to repair the damage done.
This article is by ID Pulford and C Watson
Washing vegetables safely will reduce ecoli, other bacteria, and residual pesticides.

In a bowl 4 cups water to one tablespoon of fresh squeezed grapefruit or lime juice is PROVEN to reduce ecoli, a lot of bacteria and residual pesticides. 

Lead/pb is often found soil especially in areas where there is and was mining, housing that had lead plumbing and paint.

There are SEVERAL, too many where Children cannot play in their backyards.
Change includes chaos.  Part of waste management includes any and all aspects of what people do.  The following article is written by Wayne M. Hall.  I  strongly recommend reading it.  This clarifies and defines some of the concerns as people address Waste Management.  The Article is titled, SHAPING THE FUTURE a Holistic Approach to Planning
If you would like to become more involved with Eco-Law please acquaint yourself with Earthjustice.
 Earthjustice covers many topics that help to PREVENT cancer and slow down toxic waste that causes cancer and other diseases.  For example, people who dump mercury and lead now go to prison
Low Level Lead Exposure causes confusion.  Do you want this when you are involved indirectly or directly with a chemical spill?  Chemical Spill Guidelines from Princeton
This book tends to get "hid" from people
if you go to vegan peace    com, a copy
of the manuscript is there.
 If this link does not work for you

Wastelands: the Threat of Toxic Fertilizer

I recommend reading
Wastelands: the Threat of Toxic Fertilizer
by Matthew Schaffer Toxic Policies Advocate. 

Low Level Lead/pb exposure combined with poisonous fertilizer is a sure fire recipe for cancer....and makes it more difficult to recover from any illness.
Why Natural Insect Control Works Better
by Harvey Ussery
Mother Earth News .com
How to Use Firewood Ash as Fertilizer helps take the lead/pb out. This article discusses the need to use natural wood and some of the types of plants to NOT use ash on like OAK.
Wood Ash helps to REPAIR toxic soils.
Grow more trees
to make wood ash.
Food, crops, do not grow in contaminated soils.  When we grow food in healthy soils, we have healthier food.  When we have healthier soil we have healthier air. 
This article is from Alberta, Canada
Volcano ash can be and is fatal.  This article is called Volcanic Ash: Effects & Mitgation Strategies.

This is from the United States Geological Survey Volcano Hazards Program.

When we practice healthy soil programs, our chances for survival increase, instead of blood lead/pb levels rise.  Why do you want to continue to use "low level lead" in our consumer products when the effects are equally debilitating as volcanic ash?
To REPAIR soil does not mean CHANGE the soil or the eco-system.  REPAIR the soil does mean understand the ecosystem,  the Native habitat of your area.  REPAIR the soil from this position.  In other words REPAIR the soil is not amending or just changing soil.  This 7 page article is from Sustainable Horticulture.
One of the causes of flooding and several other reasons to stop using plastic bags are from the Campaign Against the Plastic Plague

One way to prevent further lead contamination whether it be low level lead or not, is to avoid the use of plastic bags.  Most plastics bags do contain small amounts of lead/pb.
REFUSE Aluminum and STOP PFC emissions. (perflurocarbons)
For more information contact VAIP Voluntary Aluminum Industrial Partners
This is an excellent article.  It is a shame that not all doctors are more socially responsible. To learn more about how you will improve your health read PSR Physicians for Social Responsibilty.
This is from the International Lead Management Center General Industry Issues
Boycott polyester

article is an excellent starting point about how clothing, bedding, curtains,
can be harmful to everyone's health!!
Please read!!
Do You Have Toxins in Your Clothing?

stands for
Advisory Committee on Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention
information can be obtained 
from the National Center of Environmental Health
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention   1600 Clifton Rd. Atlanta, GA 30333, USA
800-CDC-INFO (800-232-4636) TTY: (888) 232-6348

 In Kansas, A certified lead based paint inspector performs surface by surface analysis of all structural components in a dwelling to determine the presence of lead in surface coatings. A certified inspector may also collect dust and soil samples... 

There are SEVERAL certified Inspectors for lead based paint in Kansas and all over the USA. 

One company,...
In Maryland, Eastern Shore Lead Paint Inspection
 Lead Abatement is the SAFE removal of Lead/pb.

People can die or become deathly sick in remodeling old houses, this includes electricians, plumbers, and other professions that work with buildings.

One can find Trained Lead Abatement Certified professionals by looking on line by using your state or region.

 ABLES is a state-based program of laboratory-reported adult blood lead levels. ABLES' objective is to  effectively intervene to prevent lead over-exposures.
For more information please visit the Center for Disease
Control and Prevention.
As of 2013, it is available in 41 states.
From the Medical and Environmental Surveillance. The Kansas Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Prevention Program Report of 2007-2008
The Medical Surveillance section monitors and promotes all blood lead screening within the State. Children ranging in age from six months to 72 months are considered the highest at risk age group for poisoning. The adult workforce in Kansas has one of the highest incidences of lead poisoning of any state in the US. This portion of the program is active in increasing primary prevention activities to reduce lead hazard exposure; as well as providing follow up and case management (medical and environmental) to children and adults with elevated blood lead levels. This section also coordinates all environmental investigations which are crucial activities performed to determine the source(s) of lead poisoning.
Lead/pb blood level testing is free to the general in 41 States: IT'S THE LAW. When there is lead emissions,  a city will be offerred lead/pb blood level testing and blood lead level testing is ongoing in two major cities per state. In Kansas, it is Wichita and Kansas City.
Lead Hazards Control Program in your state to find where.
 WIND POISONING occurs by poisons,   ranging from a tornado to a small breeze.

It is noted that several people in Joplin, MO after the tornado in 2011 had lead poisoning.  Lead/pb also increased in the water supply.

Special thanks again to Dr. McCain in Chicago, who understands microscopic debris is harmful.

There are several articles available about people dropping dead from the dust in the soil from leaded gasoline stations, smelters, and mines.

People also get sick from wind when in older parts of town where a lot of lead paint and wood rot is.

Foot Bathtubs
are poisonous & Don't Go in the front yard for flowers...
crazy people
take baths,...

is a USA phrase from the early 1800's from sanitariums and hydrotherapy.
 It is recommended to shower rather than soak in a bath tub due to Atrazine Herbicide , lead/pb from water mains, other sources of lead/pb and other poisons. Dry skin exfoliation is recommended five minutes daily by some health practitioners.

The first United States of America bath tubs were built of wood and then wood with lead overlay in the early 1800's.  The next bath tubs were made of iron, silver and lead in the mid 1800's.  In the early 1900's they poured lead, silver, and iron for the molding of tubs as plumbing was being established.  It was not until 1890's that ceramic covered or overlaid lead bathtubs even existed.  Back then, you were truly considered a crazy person if you took a bath in a tub.  For more info look into Grantville, Ohio 1842 records of sanitariums and other various boarding school records that are also known to be insane asylums of who took a bath.

Any bath tub with legs on the bottom of it including the claw foot bath tubs are considered poisonous.

Some of the symptoms from bathing in old bath tubs containing lead/pb are:  emotional stress, trouble breathing,
losing sense of self, and difficulty swallowing.

Keeping a claw foot bath tub in the yard as an ornament only contaminates people, what you are growing and the soil. Consider burying the old lead/pb tubs in four feet of wood ash, mixed with fish bones and lime. 

The first Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Act was in the state of California in 1990. Kansas implemented the Childhood Lead Poisoning Act in 1999.
Examples of products that may contain over 5 parts per million lead/pb are:   hairdryers, Rival crockpots, cooking potholders, computer cords, calculator cord, guitar amplifier electric cord, headphone cords, the inside silver looking lunch pail, guitar preamp cables, brass padlocks, power strips, extension cords, food processors, vacuum cleaner electric outlet cord, purses, thread in guitar cases, cords to foot pedals that can be attached to electric music instruments, garden hoses, key chains, ceramic sinks, light sockets, BABY FOOD, fruit juices, acoustic guitar electric pickup cords, kitchen appliance cords, floor lamp cords, RED spices like turmeric and cayenne, dinner ware via plates, dishes, cups, cooking ware, crystal glass ware, Venetian Blinds which are supposed to be updated every three years and there is more to this list that can be checked from several professional sources on the internet.
Lead/pb can cause Alzheimer's, Autism, Cancer, linked to Diabetes, Heart problems, Kidney damage, Neurological diseases such as Depression, Mental Retardation, Vertigo, Paralysis, Coma and Death.
Test Kit

Lead Surface Test Kits determine if lead/pb is present  at 5ppm or more..

Scanners are available to determine how much lead is present.

We have doctor warnings that lead/pb is not safe in the United States dating back to 1830AD.

LINK: Test Kit Accuracy: Consumers Union ran tests to determine the accuracy of the lead-test kits

 Lead comes from mining & it is said that 50% of today's Lead usage comes from recycling

some of the

CHAT is sold. CHAT is found in concrete
and asphalt. Chat is found in yards, playgrounds,
ball fields, schools, daycare centers, play ground SAND,
vegetable gardens,
SAND on ICY ROADS, underfloor air conditioning and heating ducts. Lead/pb present has caused harm to teen age development
Lead Paint Renovators have to wear special clothing while they work.

Lead paint renovators have to be extra careful when renovating because asbestos is found in older buildings and houses. Asbestos helps to prevent fires from spreading. Asbestos CAUSES LUNG CANCER. Many Lead Paint Renovators wear special respirators to reduce the risk of breathing in lead dust and asbestos.

This Lead Paint Renovator is using a special HEPA vacuum so that dust is contained. Rooms are sealed with sheets of plastic to STOP the Travel of Lead Dust.  It is important to be trained to work with Lead Paint Abatement because Lead Dust can kill you and your children so be sure to get someone specially Certified from the EPA in Lead Paint Renovation.   .
 Shoes made with Lead can cause harm.
In 2012, 1700 pair of children's shoes were recalled. They were measured at 300 parts per million.
 Put the Tailings back into the tunnel. Cover the tailings with soil planting lead/pb eradicating plants to prevent lead/pb poisoning. Do not move mining waste onto agricultural or residential or water areas.This needs to be a mandatory practice for tailings.
Permission is granted to refer
 to or quote from this publicat
with the
of the source. The suggested citation for this document is as follows:
ITRC (Interstate Technology & Regulatory Council). 2010.
Annapolis Lead Mine Site, Iron
County, Missouri

Waste Treatment Technology Selection Web
Washington, D.C.:
Interstate Technology
& Regulatory Council, Mining Waste Team.

Welcome to Lead/pbWATCH for Kids 
Over 100 Topics about Lead/pb Poisoning Awareness exist on Lead/pb WATCH for Kids. 
Printable Educational Coloring books and games are provided by the EPA for smaller children, scroll down on the left.
Instead of creating more disease,

HEY PLEASE Help:  Call or Email
the Advisory Committee of Childhood Lead Poisoning at the Center for Disease control, telling them to Lower the Threshold  for an INFANT through ages five to ZERO.
instead of level 5.  
Lead/pb causes Several diseases, including cancer.  Thanks!!

email form:  Advisory Committee  for childhood lead poisoning dept

Or Call the CDC&P get to a live person after the menu and tell them the lead threshold is zero
1 800 232 4636

please ask our friends to do the same!!

   There is an answer to the Lead/pb  problem with electric music products,  RoHS, restriction of hazardous substance.

Some music RoHS compliant companies are: Alpine, Aeroflex/Metelics, Audio-Technica, Belcat, Carvin, Classic Tone, Focusrite, Fostex, Iotmusic, Korg, Kurzweil, Microsemi Corp, Milbert Amplifier, Rane, Reloop, Skyworks Solutions, Stagg, State of the Art Inc., Studiologic, Suhr, Transcend Information, Vestax, Wharfedale, Xone.

Some of the lead/pb in the music business can be found on and in electronic parts, cords and cables of anything I have found are to be the number one offenders for having more than MORE than 5 parts per million lead.  This includes headphones, patch cords, mixers,  adapters, soldering in acoustic electric guitars, amplifiers, electric keyboards, electric pianos, foot pedals, cords and cables, extension cords, pre-amplifiers, acoustic guitar electric pick ups, power strips, power taps, and surge protectors,  .

Lead/pb is more harmful when children put lead/pb by and in their mouths, eyes, ears, and nose.   Reducing lead/pb and other harmful heavy metal exposure from consumer products increases our capacity for health, instead of cancer and other diseases. In Lawrence, Kansas Lead Surface Test Kits are available at Westlake Ace Hardware Stores.

For cancer prevention and other illness buy RoHS amplifiers and other RoHS music equipment. If one has any music equipment that does not pass a 5ppm lead surface test, take it to hazardous containment office or dispose of it.  If you notice that you are experiencing confusion or trouble breathing (or the air in the room is not as good as the room you were just in), SUSPECT lead/pb.   Lead surface tests are very inexpensive, especially compared to a medical bill. One can triple wrap in plastic bag or sheet the contaminated item and enjoy better air quality. Support RoHS compliance.

Other music business items containing lead/pb are : computer equipment, any time and date.  The thinking that it is old and outdated does not apply.  Recording equipment, microphones, patch cords of any kind, any kind of sound equipment, any kind of guitar with or without electric hook up may not pass the lead test, meaning any music equipment might be making you and surrounding children sick.   

  to Lead/pb WATCH for Kids TOPICS


Playing a MUSIC INSTRUMENT is a form of mild to moderate exercise. HEALTH BENEFITS of playing a music instrument in a lead/pb safe area also include increased hand to eye coordination, improved reading skills, improved organizational skills, improved memory, improved comprehension, sense of small motor skill timing, increased problem solving skills, other improved cognitive ability, visual-spacial judgement, and more. The physical act of playing a musical instrument stimulates circulation, inner core muscles, and awareness of breathing correctly.

Please surface lead/pb test all music instruments before purchasing.  Lead/pb is found in brass, plastic, chrome and anything shiny. 

to Lead/pb WATCH for Kids TOPICS
  A lead/pb surface test is a blotter or a swab that when performed correctly will determine if there is lead/pb present.  Lead surface tests are designed to test any and all consumer products, including toys, ceramics, dishes, mini blinds, lunch boxes, electronic equipment, plastics, pipes, and solder.
Lead surface test kits are also used to test painted and metal surfaces. One can use a lead surface test to test soil and lead crystal.

In the Midwest, a lead surface test kit cost range is $1.99 to $13. They can be bought from local hardware stores. Two brands are Household Lead Check Brand and Pro-Lab Brand Lead Surface Test Kits. Lead Surface Test Kits are usually located in Home Safety Isles where they sell monoxide detectors, smoke alarms, radon detector tests,
  etc.  Sometimes lead surface test kits are by the household paint, since lead paint is still an issue, unfortunately.

A Lead Surface Test, when you follow the directions, let's you know that there is lead/pb present, in or on belongings. It is suggested to report lead/pb contaminated items to Consumer Product Safety, quarantine the lead/pb item, replace or get rid of it. Lead/pb causes harm to you and pets.
  Lead Surface Testing is part of the cure.  

  to Lead/pb WATCH for Kids TOPICS

  One hypoallergenic glove on the market is Nitrile. Avoiding powdered gloves is also recommended. One solution is to sprinkle Bob's Red Mill baking soda in the gloves for an alkaline protection and sweaty palms. Latex was outlawed in 2010. Latex causes breathing disorders and brain dysfunction.

 When you find lead/pb while consumer product testing, after quarantining the item, lightly damp wipe three feet around where the contaminated item was kept and for lead safety health take a shower and stay well hydrated. 

to Lead/pb WATCH for Kids TOPICS

 WHAT DO I DO WHEN I FIND LEAD/pb on a Consumer Product?

1) Depending on the size of the object- keep CLEAR plastic and press lock baggies with you while you test. 
The National Lead Center and the Health Department recommends 
that you TRIPLE wrap lead objects with Clear Plastic.  This STOPS lead/pb traveling through the air and making air born lead dust.  One can use clear plastic sheets that painters use, clear trash bags, clear zip lock bags from 2 gallon through snack.  When quarantining lead/pb, one can label the bag with sticky label markings or use a magic marker on the bag the serial and model numbers with other identifying information like where the product was made, company, company address, etc. Antiques containing lead are to be gotten rid of or kept behind GLASS to reduce lead/pb exposure.

2) Please report your findings of lead/pb in products to the CPSC Consumer Product Safety Commission.  File a report about a faulty product on line or by phone.

3) If you still have the receipt, take THEIR lead/pb back to the store- the company HAS TO BY LAW REPLACE IT FOR FREE!! And the item the company replaces is to be lead safe. If the receipt is gone CPSC will negotiate between you and the company. Sometimes disposing of the contaminated item is also a solution.  You can also report the lead/pb contamination problem to the National Lead Center.  
  to Lead/pb WATCH for Kids TOPICS

Will Rogers Memorial Highway 10,000,000 Tons Zinc and Lead
Lead/pb and other metals LEAVE the body in 5 ways!!  I learned awareness of experience and by content instruction from a Lead Safety class.

 Lead/pb LEAVES the body in 5 Ways:  1) Hair,
Skin, 3) Finger and Toe Nails, 4) Urine, and 5) Feces

  Reduce poison and toxins including lead/pb from outer environment and  ADDRESSING holistic methods help the body to heal.
1) Hair-
Holistic methods to encourage lead/pb leaving the hair are a) Light scalp massage, gentle little circles for two-three minutes daily or at least 2 to 3 times a week are effective. b) Use lead safe hairbrushes. There are hairbrushes that do not pass the lead test. Keep these hairbrushes extremely clean. Swapping out hairbrushes once a week until the lead and other metals stop showing themselves. c)Use truly natural shampoo's and conditioners, sulfate free, occasionally use herbal tonic hair rinses that include rosemary, nettles, chamomile, and other safe for self medicinal plants. d) One soft boiled egg daily 3-7x a week. Choline, found in eggs, helps to restore the BRAIN and eggs have always been known to have healthy effects on the hair. e) Jo Pye's soft fist nail clicking exercise 3x a day for 5 minutes each session. f) foot massage and ionic cleanse.
to Lead/pb WATCH for Kids TOPICS

 2) Skin-
  lead/pb leaving through the skin. Holistic Techniques help the skin are: a) dry skin exfoliation b) deep breathing exercises  c)  sweating d) self message/reflexology e) nutrition-American Holistic recommendations of mineral & vitamin balanced alkaline  f) exercise mild to moderate g) aluminum avoidance and refusal.

a)  Dry skin exfoliation, five minutes daily is what is recommended by professionals. I use loofah due to the natural healing fibers. Other textiles are a dry cotton cloth, nail soft bristle skin brush.  I also choose to do dry skin exfoliation right after drying off from a shower.    It helps to keep the atrazene out as well.  Atrazene is a pesticide run-off that is in Lawrence, KS's water supply.  Small circular motion with medium to light pressure starting at extremities bringing to the heart area.

Deep breathing exercises reduces stress, stimulates the circulatory system which helps nerves to carry the heavy metals like lead/pb out of the body through the skin.  Stimulating the circulatory system stimulates the skin inside out.
Sweating is another way of how lead/pb and other heavy metals leaves the body by skin.  Several health professionals who are sauna and steam room experts recommend 2-3 times weekly for 15-20 minutes.  Professionals also state that once a week for up to one hour as long as you are staying well hydrated is a healthy practice.  An inipi ceremony is an example.  Good old fashion work is another.

Reflexology, there are several reflexology exercises available for the detoxification of lead/pb and other heavy metals from the body and nerve stimulant reflexology exercises to regain motor skills, fine and large; this too is recommended by professionalsWhen the circulatory system is stimulated it encourages the heavy metals to travel out the nerves, through the nerve endings and out of the skin.  Self massage from a reflexology mind set and for relaxation also stimulates the circulatory system so that the nerves carry the lead/pb, arsenic, and other heavy metals  out of the body through the skin.

A green drink is really simple and can be very palatable.  Nutrition is a major way that helps the skin breathe, keep growing, and make it easier to sweat out the heavy metals, like lead, through the skin.  It is advised that no one eat fried foods, canned goods, and processed foods especially for heart health and when one is detoxing heavy metal poisoning.  Green drinks are one way to help the whole body including the skin.   Several resources say apple pectin, dark leafy green vegetables, onion and garlic, and beans help to reduce lead/pb levels.. 
One example of a green drink is: in a blender, one to two cups of distilled or healthy water, one to two apples cored, one eighth to one half onion, one clove of garlic, and rotating 1 to 2 cups dark leafy greens will help anyone rid their body of lead/pb and other heavy metals.  I rotate collards, parsley, spinach, turnip greens, and more.  I pour it all into a 28oz mason jar.  There is a WARNING about ingesting too much vitamin K. This especially applies to people who are on heart medication or pregnant. Going over 500% vitamin K recommended amounts may thicken your blood to the point of thrombosis, a disease known since the Roman time period and before.

f)  Mild to moderate exercise via walking and appropriate stretching. More than moderate exercise is not recommended for those who are experiencing heavy metal poisoning symptoms. 

g)  contributes greatly to health. By staying away from shiny wrappers, foil, aluminum cookware, bread and other processed foods, etc helps to reduce the effects of other poisons more quickly.  Aluminum blocks oxygen sensors.  It is proven.  If you want lead/pb to leave your body, aluminum abstinence is essential.  Aluminum is NOT nutritional. Feel free to print the Aluminum Abstinence article I wrote in 2009. Aluminum clogs pores, like underarm deodorant, for example.  Aluminum also collects at the cerebral cortex just as spirulina which affects how the body works.   

to Lead/pb WATCH for Kids TOPICS

 3) Nails -Lead/pb leaving body through  nails 
Massaging the cuticles and tips of fingers helps to stimulate brain activity which in turn helps to regulate the body.  Also world renown reflexologist has a nail clicking exercise that stimulates hair growth, which stimulates lead/pb leaving throughout the body.  Simply hold hands in a lose fist position and click or rub the finger nails or toe nails back and forth for around 15 minutes daily. 5 minute increments three times. The nail clicking exercise is handed down from Joe Pye.

It is very important to keep vitamin B 12 levels up while concentrated efforts of lead reduction are in process.  Streaks of black or black tipped nails are indicators of lead/pb leaving and a vitamin B 12 deficiency. Some peoples nails turn black and fall off when they have lead/pb poisoning. Some sources say that 7 mcg daily of vitamin B 12 are necessary for prevention of cancer.  Natural sources of B 12 is used to heal many ailments. 

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 4 & 5) Urine and feces/stool I publicly thank Jonathon Isbit for all of his hard work: James Cook University of Medicine (Australia) consultant urogynecologist and pelvic reconstructive surgeon; Dr. Stuart Stanton, Chairman of the Continence Foundation and Consultant Urogynecologist at St. George's Hospital, London; Iranian radiologist, Dr. Saeed Rad; Dr. William Welles, a San Diego chiropractor, discovered that the modern toilet causes fecal contamination of the digestive system in 70 to 80% of the population; Dr. Berko Sikirov, the Israeli physician who conducted successful clinical research on the use of squatting to treat hemorrhoids, disagrees: Colonic diverticulosis develops as a result of excessive straining at defecation due to habitual bowel emptying in a sitting posture, which is typical of Western man; Dr. Denis Burkitt, the British surgeon who popularized the fiber theory, also strongly advocated the use of squat toilets to prevent diverticulosis and hiatus hernia. His only mistake was to assume that diet was the crucial factor and squatting was secondary, instead of the other way around; Dr. Michael I. Freilich, a retired colorectal surgeon from Marina del Rey, California, recently commented, Back in 1979, when former President Carter had a hemorrhoid problem, Time Magazine called and asked me to explain the cause of hemorrhoids. In the magazine, I was quoted as saying, "Man was not meant to sit on a toilet, but to squat in a field;" gastroenterologist Dr. Stephen Sontag; Rhonda Kotarinos, MS, PT; Dr. Akilah El, ND, PhD.; Professor Alexander Kira, of Cornell University's Center for Housing and Environmental Studies; Dr. Leonard Williams states that the modern toilet effectively paralyzes the abdominal muscles. It's called the natural squatting position. For more info please see Nature's Platform, Natural Squatting Position online. An effective way for lead/pb to leave the body through urine and feces is the natural squatting position.

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In the USA there are documented doctor's warnings about the dangers and health hazards of lead/pb since 1830 from Grantville, Ohio.

Lead/pb causes depression, veritgo, and other emotional disorder, as well as other heavy metals, including aluminum

Lead/pb causes confusion, dizziness, forgetfulness, emotional disorder like self doubt, lack of self confidence.  Lead/pb causes icky feelings in the stomach and other digestive disorder.  It can cause pain in the chest and a heart attack.

Lead/pb causes mental regression in adults.  Lack of motor control, partial to full paralysis, coma, and death can be atributed to lead/pb. 

Lead/pb causes blurred vision, burning sensation throughout the body.  Lead/pb can cause stuttering, slurred speech, dyslexia.  Lead/pb can cause thyroid disorder.  Lead/pb can make it really difficult to talk outloud, which makes it worse when you want to ask for help.

Lead/pb can cause numbness.  Lead/pb in the body can make you stumble when you are trying to walk.  Lead/pb is proven to cause cancer.

Lead can make you see things that are not there.  Lead/pb makes your sense of smell go away. 

Lead/pb makes it hard to focus your hearing, when you are honestly trying to listen. 

Lead/pb feels like stickily pins and needles when your foot falls asleep, but amplified by 100x when it is leaving your body.  It really feels like really hot little fire sticks and pin pricks when it is coming out of your head.

Lead/pb can make you not able to do your homework and job.  Lead/pb can make your feelings turn around and make you do stuff that you really do not want to do, like lose your temper.  

Lead/pb can make you feel really stupid, but you know way down inside that you are not.

Lead/pb can make you feel guilty when you did not do anything wrong. 

Lead/pb makes your fingernails turn black at the ends.

Lead/pb makes your fingernails and toe nails turn black in the center of them and you have to wait until they grow out.  Lead/pb does not really wash off when it is coming out of your body.
Lead/pb can make you forget that you have friends.

Lead/pb causes you to fall asleep a lot more than you normally would.

Lead/pb can make you cry a lot.

Lead/pb can make your teeth turn brown and not even be able to brush them.

Lead/pb can make your teeth fall out earlier in life.

Lead/pb can, if you are a girl, make you not have periods any more.

Lead/pb can make the side of your face swell up making it look like you have the mumps.

Lead/pb can make you have a low grade fever.

Lead/pb can make it really hard to make healthy choices. 

Lead/pb can make you feel really weak all over.

Lead/pb can make you feel like you are swimming inside your own body.

Lead/pb can make you lose your balance when you are trying to walk.

Lead/pb can make you drop things.  Lead/pb can make it really hard to lift things and keep your balance, even a 5 pound weight.

Lead/pb can make your kidneys stop working and if you do not have your kidneys working you will die. 

Lead/pb can make you experience horrible anger that isn't really yours.

Lead/pb can make you feel stifled.

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Yes,  to lead poisoning can be lessened. 

  A blood lead level 2.5 or higher is considered elevated.

  Solutions about lead/pb poisoning and cancer:
1)Have removed:  lead plumbing, lead water mains, lead paint and the lead from consumer products.
3) Lead/pb surface test kits can be used to determine if lead is present.
4) Study about and REDUCE exposure to additional toxins, more exposure to other toxins does not help to reduce the lead/pb out of the body.
5)When toxins and poisons are not used the cause of  cancer,  headaches, vertigo, autism, Aspbergers, Alzheimer's, diabetes, and several other diseases diminish.
6) HELP to build a truly healthy positive SOCIAL Structure that supports the anti-cancer society.
7) Be READY to do BATTLE against the people who are truly creating more cancer, more lead/pb objects, more landfills and more illness.

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Some health officials claim that
  It takes 7 seven to 15 years to totally change your bone structure. Healthy appropriate nutrition is Alkaline 80/Acid 20 with balanced vitamin and mineral intake, using the American Holistic Standards. It is said eating appropriate amounts of iron and calcium reduces the absorption rate of lead. There are upper limits to calcium and iron intake.  Resources for improving dietary habits are the World's Healthiest FoodsLinus Pauling Institute Micro-nutrient Center and HealthAliciousNess .com
Walking is appropriate exercise for Lead/pb and other heavy metal poisoning.
1. Truly reducing exposure to lead/pb and other heavy metal toxicity, 2. exercising moderately, 3. nutrition will help one's blood lead/pb levels will drop and help bone health. 

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Coalition to End Childhood Lead Poisoning
2714 Hudson Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21224-4716

Mission statement:  The Coalition to End Childhood Lead Poisoning is dedicated to preventing childhood lead poisoning through advocacy, outreach and education.

website is

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The Lead Safe America Foundation provides emergency intervention and support to families all over the country who have found out their children have been poisoned by lead in their homes.

"We also engage in activities and participate in events in an effort to educate the public to prevent childhood lead poisoning in the first place"

Contact:  Tamara Rubin, Executive Director
Direct Line: 415-609-3182
Twitter: @ LeadSafeAmerica
Facebook: Lead Safe America Foundation

Lead Safe America Foundation
P.O. Box 820044
Portland, Oregon 97282

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What can I do to PROTECT myself from getting Lead/pb poisoning and other heavy metal diseases, I don't want to get it.

 Protect YOUR space, Your Body and Your Mind

     1. Our Soil
     2. Our Air

Mining, hazardous waste, manufacturing, transportation, anywhere we go is the SOIL.  Question it.  Is the grass growing? Are there green or red trickles on the concrete?

Are there funny or sickening smells? Are there silver or black lined clouds? Is there a bad vibe or sense of a fume? Is there smoke from a factory that is making a cloud? Do you feel better in a different room of a school, office, store, library, or home? These are identifying questions for the air.

1. Alkaline80/Acid20 with balanced vitamin and mineral intake according to American Holistic Recommendations helps. Nutritional professionals have stated that those who eat cruciferous vegetables 2 to 4 times a week live a lot longer because it stops free radical cancer cells. Cruciferous vegetable are: broccoli, collards, radishes, mustard greens, Brussel's sprouts. 

2. Appropriate exercise
Walking and other exercise in fresh air 3-4x a week

3. Stay aware of your surroundings. Are you going to a school with lead paint or lead plumbing? Are your belongings free from lead and other known poisons?

4. Practice Aluminum Avoidance and Reduction-Aluminum causes similar symptoms as lead exposure.

5. Lead/pb surface test your belongings   Exchange or do with out them.

6. Relax fully 10-20 minutes before you go to sleep.  Keep a pace that you are happy with. 

1. Education about poisonous metals causes awareness.
2. Study 15 minutes weekly about cancer prevention can help a lot.

 3. Study & know the sources of lead/pb. 

4. Keep attitudes that work for you.

5. Be real and honest while respecting yourself. 

6.  Ask questions to the "right" people.  Sometimes asking 2 or 3 people before making your own choice works.  Make your own choices that will help you and others!

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From ABOUT on The Consumer Product Safety Commission website:
"The CPSC is committed to protecting consumers and families from products that pose a fire, electrical, chemical, or mechanical hazard or can injure children. The CPSC's work to ensure the safety of consumer products - such as toys, cribs, power tools, cigarette lighters, and household chemicals - contributed significantly to the 30 percent decline in the rate of deaths and injuries associated with consumer products over the past 30 years." said in 2012 

The Consumer Product Safety Commission can be contacted: 
General Information:
Phone: (301) 504-7923 Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. ET
E-mail: Please use our Contact Form

Toll-free Consumer Hotline:
Phone: (800) 638-2772 TTY (301) 595-7054
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.; messages can be left anytime.

Bethesda Offices and Official Mailing Address
U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
4330 East West Highway
Bethesda, MD 20814

National Product Testing and Evaluation Center
5 Research Place
Rockville, MD 20850

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OTHER REFERENCES about lead:  Well Lead/pb is in air purifiers, ALL computer equipment, phones, iPods,  iPads, ALL electronic devices, movie projectors, overhead projectors, computer monitors. When they say lead safe it means that it is in concordinance with the US Law standards, it does not mean that it is lead free. Just because there are different words for lead/pb, does not mean that it is safe to use the element,  NO MATTER WHAT YOU ARE CALLIN' IT!!  This is STANDARD for a "neediness to control" = dominant society who "needs" to cause confusion with it's people so that the "neediness" is fulfilled and the illusion of dominance is created.  What a better way to control people but by lead/pb and it's other names.  

Plumbism; Miner's Colic;   MORE LEAD/Pb NAMES HERE DATE: 6/20/15

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What do I do WHEN I find Lead/pb in my school?

after you are in a SAFE AREA!!


There was somebody weird who answered the phone at Poison Control.  Isn't there somebody else I can call about the lead/pb at my college or school?  Call the:

 EPA Region 7 Office
:   913-551-7003 or
Toll-Free: 1-800-223-0425
Hours: 8 am to 4:30 pm, Mon - Fri.Topic

Region 7 serves Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and 9 Tribal Nations.   They can also give you more numbers. 

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United Parents Against Lead
are looking for celebrities to endorse them- Help 'em out!

P.O. BOX 24773
(OFFICE) 804-308-1518
 Their website address is

UPAL National is an organization of and for parents of Lead Poisoned Children working to end the continuing threat of lead poisoning through education, advocacy, resource referral and legislative action.

I STRONGLY recommend the United Parents Against Lead, Inc's Lead Dust Busters Page- check it OUT!

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What is Lead Dust?
There are several types of lead/pb dust.
1) Household dust that accumulates on lead/pb electric cords is lead dust.
2) Very fine lead paint chips are lead/pb dust.
3) When somebody is sanding off lead/pb paint from window sills or antiques or trim, etc, that's lead dust.
4)When a tornado/microburst stirs up old piled up lead plumbing lines and pipes that have been sitting outside for years and they blow apart into fine metal flakes, that too is lead/pb dust.
5) Construction workers are known to bring in lead/pb from their boots.  They hug their children before changing out of work clothes and accidentally poison their children from dust.
6) People who work at battery plants, have to shower and change their clothes before they leave their job due to lead/pb.
7) People who work at plastics plants, they have to change their clothes before they leave their job due to lead dust.
8) The lead/pb metal flakings that come from pre-existing coal mines are considered lead dust
9) The lead/pb metal flakings that come from the University of Kansas are considered lead dust
 10) Metal flakings that come from a pipeline making company often called in slang Slumber Jacks is considered lead dust. Slumber Jacks is known for having their workers for two weeks, then off for two weeks to do the Western Flush of Apple Sauce to reduce lead/pb poisoning effects. My understanding that is part of Slumber Jack's workers code is to have lead poisoning on a regular basis as a regular part of the job.
11)  Dust in window sills from any building that was built before 1978 is considered lead/pb dust.
12) Dust that accumulates on floor trim in any building that was built before 1978 is considered lead/pb dust.
ALL lead/pb dust is considered very life threatening, and YOU are worth protecting yourself by wearing appropriate safety clothing and head gear.  Always wear gloves, if it is suspicious- CONSIDER IT GUILTY until proven innocent by a lead/pb surface test or a lead/pb lab test.

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Antiques that have poisonous lead/pb are lead painted match box cars, lead paint Tonka trucks.  Asbestos filled cooking mits and pot holders often have lead paint on them.  Jewelry, shoes, items with rubber substance, dolls, pewter looking items, lamps, ceramic figurines, medicine bags that doctors used, glasses cases, pedestals, dishes, anything shiny are all examples where lead/pb can be. 

Asbestos is an outlawed insulation, a cotton looking material used during the time of Benjamin Franklin up through this present moment.  It was used because it did not catch on fire.  It was/is used in all kinds of things that we take for granted, vehicle trunks, traveling trunks that rode in covered wagons. You can find

asbestos in purses for padding, the list goes on and on.  If you see brown to white flaky stuff from an antique, remember IT IS GUILTY until proven innocent.  I have not ever tested for asbestos.  If you want to learn more about it ask somebody who is a professional about asbestos.  Cadmium is also a dangerous substance- if you see a lot of red in any antique- consider cadmium.  It is/was used in red leather looking stuff.  When some of us stopped using animal brains and green leaf smoke for tanning leather, some of us resorted to using lead and cadmium clay compound mix as a preservative.  Unfortunately, that type of preserving method causes cancer, insanity, and death. Mercury dimes really do have mercury.   
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Glass of all types may or may not have lead.  If you keep fluid in them, the fluid stands a good chance of lead leach.  Lead leach is where the lead leaches onto particles and makes other lead particles bigger by leaching together.  In a lead damaged house, where the brown is, there is usually lead either behind the wall where it is brown, around the plumbing parts, and lead leaching also happens in crock pots as you cook food.  

 Antiques with glass are suspicious of lead/pb.  Pot metal also commonly is lead/pb.  Pot metal is easily bendable.  Floor lamps, farm equipment, any antique with paint is guilty until proven innocent.   I am sure that somewhere some one has made a list of antiques containing lead/pb.  I do remember to help stop the deterioration of antiques and for lead safety it is best to keep them in lead safe glass containers or in plastic. 

Lead/pb in schools can be found in the plumbing lines, the service lines, the paint, and electric cords.  If there is a ceramic sink where there the enamal is gone or worn away drastically, the sink will usually demonstrate over 5 ppm in the porous ceramic sink.

There are several LAWS regarding soldering and lead plumbing. 
Drinking, Cooking, Showering and Washing Water in Lead Safety
  Using filtered water to drink and cook reduces poison exposure.  It is recommended to take showers, instead of bathes to reduce exposure to lead/pb and Atrazene.  Washing clothes in cold water, instead of hot or warm to reduce lead/pb exposure on your clothes. Using baking soda or salt as a disinfectant works.

Soldering in hot water tanks have lead/pb, definitely the ones before 1986.  So at a public school, it is wise to have lead safe hot water heaters. 

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What is the National Lead Info Center

The National Lead Information Center (NLIC) provides the general public and professionals with information about lead hazards and their prevention.

By Phone:
1(800) 424-LEAD [5323] speak with a specialist Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm eastern time (except federal holidays) and you can leave a message-

By Recorded Message:
the NLIC telecommunications systems has the capability to receive recorded messages in English and Spanish 24-hours a day, seven days a week at 1(800) 424-LEAD [5323].

By Mail: 422 South Clinton Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620

By Email: When you type National Lead Information Center into your browser, there is an information request form.

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The Healthy Homes Programs are Tribal, State and District.

In Kansas, the Department of Health and Environment established the
Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Prevention Program.

It is important to know that every tribe, every state, every district does their Healthy Homes Programs differently.  In the state of Kansas, it is like this: 

Kansas Statues Annotated (KSA) 65-1,200 authorizes the Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Prevention Program  - this means that there is a law, numbered above that supports that the Healthy Homes Program even exists.

The Healthy Homes Program through the Secretary of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment has the authority or freedom to:
this is mostly quoted from their website:
Develop and maintain an elevated blood level database and medical surveillance program.  
Track incident of lead poisoning across the state.
 3) Administer a certification, licensure, accreditation and enforcement program for people involved with lead based paint activities and abatement projects.
Administer a Pre-Renovation Education Program to educate the public and remodeling industry on lead hazards.
5) Promote a public awareness campaign to increase knowledge about childhood lead poisoning prevention strategies.
6) Increase professional education opportunities regarding childhood lead poisoning prevention strategies.
Provide equipment support and training to local health departments to conduct blood lead screening activities, environmental assessments and follow-up. 

And that is the Healthy Homes Program for Kansas that is funded by
cooperative agreements from US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and fees from the certification and licensure of individuals and firms.

The Kansas Healthy Homes website is:

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What is the Center for Disease Control?

Center for Disease Control & Prevention mission statement from their website states:
Collaborating to create the expertise, information, and tools that people and communities need to protect their health – through health promotion, prevention of disease, injury and disability, and preparedness for new health threats.

CDC seeks to accomplish its mission by working with partners throughout the nation and the world to 1) monitor health, 2) detect and investigate health problems, 3)conduct research to enhance prevention, 4) develop and advocate sound public health policies, 5) implement prevention strategies, 6) promote healthy behaviors, 7) foster safe and healthful environments, 8) provide leadership and training.

Contact Information
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
1600 Clifton Rd. Atlanta, GA 30333, USA
800-CDC-INFO (800-232-4636)
New Hours of Operation:
8AM-8PM ET, Monday-Friday, Closed Holidays

CDC offers information about the dangers of lead/pb and keeps a data base of children known to have lead poisoning.  CDC also keeps literature about how to monitor blood lead level cases and more.

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What is Lead/pb Plumbing?

Lead plumbing is plumbing that has a lot of lead. Lead plumbing includes outflow pipes, inflow pipes, elbows, soldering, and lead water mains.  It starts at a reservoir or river then water treatment facility and to the faucets of your home.  Lead plumbing has been outlawed in the USA since 1961-62.

The first plumbing in America is wooden service lines. Wood petrifies.  In Lawrence, Ks, we still have working wooden service lines. FACT as of 2015.  We also still have Lead/pb working service lines and mains.  FACT as of 2015. The problem with lead is that causes diseases to adults and children.

Vermont Street in Lawrence, KS has a lead/pb water main.  You cannot even use the water to put 4 drops on a lead surface test to test your belongings.  The water from Vermont Street will turn a lead surface test strip red before you can test anything. This occurred October 2011.

In the state of Kansas, the Law for SAFETY and Health is COPPER for plumbing inside homes since 1961 and 1962.

Drinking water laws improve meaning poisons like herbicides and pesticides get outlawed frequently.  No amount of lead/pb is safe.

Indication of lead/pb plumbing or Lead/pb pipe fittings in the home is: IS IT PAINTED?  Painting over lead/pb anything whether it is paint or plumbing is a STANDARD PRACTICE and does NOT help with lead reduction.

The lead/pb from the paint and the plumbing leaches through the old latex and non volatile organic compound paint. Painting over lead/pb paint to encapsulate it may help it for a while, however you have to keep painting over it and the lead leaches though.  This makes lead dust and the cycle of poisoning is in action.

When you reduce your lead exposure you have a less chance of acquiring other diseases because lead/pb breaks down the immune system making it hard for your body to fight off other diseases.

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The American Lead Poisoning
Help Association (ALPHA) is comprised of parents and concerned citizens from all over the country, dedicated to the preventing of childhood lead poisoning. With years of experience and growing, ALPHA is looking to unite parents together to network, share ideas & experiences, and move forward in promoting lead awareness within our communities.  ALPHA'S Mission is to raise awareness about lead poisoing, and to provide a national support network for families affected by lead.   ALPHA has an e-newsletter you sign-up for or you can join.  

Their website address is:

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A blood lead level is a measurement of MICROGRAMS per deciliter.  Sometimes a blood lead level is also called a blood lead level distribution.  Some use scales to determine the harshness of the poisoning.  In any society there is coruption and dishonesty.  The best blood lead level/distribution is to have ZERO lead/pb or any poisons.  When I took my Lead Safety Works Class, I was taught that anything above 2.5 micrograms per deciliter is elevated blood lead level or poisoned!!  Laws say differently in a lot of states.  People will be arguing about it until the human race is gone.  The point is:  Lead/pb is a poison.  People keep using this poison.  Lead/pb causes cancer.  If you can remove all personal belonging that have lead/pb in them.  If you can keep all lead away from you as much as possible, you will not be as sick and you will have less chances of getting cancer.  That is the point.  If they got to measure, I let them.  If I have to use THEIR scale, my measurement is ZERO tolerance for lead/pb.  It kills people.  If I have to play THEIR game- it is 2.5 micrograms is what is poisoned or elevated or what ever words THEY use to say and what THEY mean is THEY were TOO lazy to do something
about THEIR lead problem and THEY gave it to a lot, not just you or me, but to a lot of innocent people.  If you get elevated blood lead level, it is NOT your fault.  You did not do ANYTHING wrong. There are A LOT of THINGS YOU can do to LOWER your blood lead level to below 1 (one) if you give yourself a few years and stay strong no matter what.  Learn as much about the lead as you can, KNOW where the enemies are at.  The more you KNOW about lead, the more you can avoid lead/pb.  The more you know about how it leaves the body, the more you can do to get it out of your body.  There are a lot of people mentioned on this page that would be happy to visit with you, if that is what you need.  There are ANTI Lead groups you can join as you work on your healing process.  You are not alone.  You might feel alone.  But you - you are not alone! EVER,
Your friend,

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What wrong with the silver lining???

Lunch Pails that are collapsible and have grey or silver lings often contain lead/pb.  Surface TEST for yourself!!   I used to own one.  I was keeping belongings in it. I don't like the idea of putting food in lead/pb containers and having a child eat lunch out of it.  Several of these lunch pails have been recalled.  

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The EPA stands for the Environmental Protection Agency.  It is a part of the American government with many, many offices doing several different things in relation to how other people treat the earth as well

Some of activities of the EPA are collecting information about lead/pb in the water, Lead/pb in the soil, lead/pb in the air.  Finding the sources of where lead/pb is in use of everyday society.  The EPA offers several resources of how to prevent further lead/pb poisoning to the general public.  Some of these resources are:  the Lead Paint Certification Program,  Training Courses about lead based paint,  how to  references involving lead-based paint,  Technical Studies from testing the earth, water, air, lead/pb in humans, lead based paint hazards, controlling Lead based paint hazards and related  hazards.   The EPA offers Outreach Campaigns and materials so that families  can protect themselves from the DANGERS of lead/pb.  

 The EPA offers brochures and posters helping education to be readily available to individuals and families on the dangers of Lead Based Paint, child lead poisoning, lead testing techniques, Lead Based Paint hazards and prevention.

The EPA OFFERS Useful information about lead and cadmium in toy jewelry so that young children won't get sick.  The EPA also keeps documentation of those who do get sick and how lead/pb and cadmium affect those children.

EPA provides funds, in the form of grants, for public and private organizations to help achieve the goal of eliminating childhood lead poisoning.

The EPA's LEAD/pb index website address is

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Some Light sockets have lead/pb and cadmium.
Lead/pb is more harmful when heated.
If you feel off while sitting beside a reading lamp or overhead light, it could be low level lead/pb exposure.  The socket gets hot, radiating low level lead/pb, while you are trying to comprehend what you are reading.

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Why do I need to stay off of aluminum, especially if I have a blood lead level distribution that is higher than 1?  In my studies, there are SEVERAL DOCTORS that state aluminum has the same poisoning symptoms as Lead/pb poisoning symptoms.  It has been proven since the early 1900's that aluminum is a real killer.  Aluminum is linked with diabetes type 2, aluminum is linked with the cause of several diseases.  Click & Here is a paper pamphlet:   you download, print, make 2 folds and you can even mail it!  This helps STOP CANCER and the effects of Lead/pb poisoning. 
Here is the same article at the top of Lead/pb Watch for Kids simply click on the Aluminum Abstinence Button.

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What is Consumer Product Screening?  Some
Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Programs offers consumer product screening services.

Residents can set up an appointment and bring items of concern to the office for testing. Consumer Items in the past that have been known to contain lead include vinyl baby bibs, jewelry and charms, imported candy and makeup, imported spices, wooden and plastic toys, dishware, and pottery.   There is usually a limit per week or month on products being tested per family.

One can also check many recall lists, use over the counter lead surface test kits, and can use hand held sonar reader of lead content to screen products.  There are also RoHS testing centers.

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  What is a Child Related Recall?

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Why did we use lead/pb to begin with?

We, as humans, have used lead/pb since before the Roman Time Period.  It is well documented as a poison.  It is traditional to use lead/pb objects as a means of Poisoning people intentionally in order to control them, have them die slow, have them die immediately.  The Romans used lead/pb to kill members of parliment in efforts to overthrow the coruption in the courts.

Examples of intentional poisoning methods are having slaves make and bring lead/pb goblets to queens, kings, and court appointed knights and other members of parliment filled with wine.  The royalty would drink the wine and slowly the royalty would go crazy and die.  This is some of the reason why the Roman Empire does not exist.

Other servants would also make lead/pb plates and serve their masters with food on top of lead/pb plates.  In turn, the masters would eat lead/pb poisoned food, especially on a hot plate.  Lead/pb is more dangerous when it is heated up.
The masters would eat the lead/pb poisoned food, go crazy and die.  This is known from several cultures around the world in addition to Rome.  It is known in the Egyptian culture; Southwestern Native American cultures; Anglo Saxon cultures used lead/pb intentionally to kill Native American peoples of the Northern part of the American continent.

Other ways we kill people with lead/pb is lack of information with appropriate education.  When we KNOW about lead/pb we can better protect ourselves against the ancient murderer called Lead/pb.

We know that cannon balls and bullets kill people, well there is lead/pb in them also.

Another method of controlling people and killing them with lead/pb as a fact is that hydrotherapists would use lead/pb plumbing with lead/pb bathtubs as a means to control people and kill them when they were brought into insane asylums and left to die.  This was a standard European practice throughout the 17, 18, and 1900's.

The Nazi party also used lead/pb to anhiliate the Jewish peoples in Europe.

The American people have many enemies.  This is why it is DRASTICALLY important to check all cookware and dinnerware for lead/pb.  There are internet sites that will tell you what companies have reported lead/pb content in them.  Polite Poisoning is one of the most ancient practices of killing people that there are.

Another method of Polite Poisoning is through the use of electric cords.  We did not really use electricity until the late 1700's in the North American Continent and lead/pb electric cords are quite popular now in the 21st century until people decide to protect themselves and stop it.  So it is up to you to be responsible to check you electric cords.  If you choose to use lead safe electric cords you reduce you, your children, and or brothers and sisters from lead/pb intoxication/poisoning.  You also reduce you and your family chances of getting cancer.  It is proven and well documented that lead/pb causes cancer. 

to Lead/pb WATCH for Kids TOPICS

They are trying to make me use lead/pb or they are exposing me lead/pb, when I know it is lead/pb.  There are several actions we can do to make them STOP making the use lead/pb, no matter our age. For an Emergency call 911

Call Poison Control Center 1-800-222-1222

If it is a toy, appliance, or product call the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' arm, the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

If your concern is lead in the paint, lead in the plumbing, or lead in the gas lines in schools, colleges, and universities;  call your Tribal or State Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention office, info available on line and call.

If it's lead or other possible violation in food, pesticide, fungus, sanitizers call the Regional EPA Office in your area.

If it's lead in a local landfill call the county environmental agency. 

Contact the Lead Hotline at 1-800-424-LEAD.

You do not have to touch it if you think it is lead/pb, wouldn't you rather be safe than sorry?--

Have them prove it to you.  Prove that it is safe by seeing the results of 1) lead surface test swab and 2)proven safe by a RoHS Testing Center or a 3) Professional Certified Lead Inspector.

Start making STOP Lead/pb clubs in your classrooms.  Meet for 30 minutes to one hour a week.

Tell your teachers that your classroom wants the coloring books that Healthy Homes offers to warn you about lead/pb.

Remember, lead/pb has always been harmful and is illegal, no matter how uninformed other people are. 

There are people who care and laws on your side, remember what I said, "If you think it is lead/pb, you do NOT have to touch it."

To have more allies about safety in general please contact Safe Kids, a nation wide program.
In Kansas it's

Safe Kids Kansas
1000 SW Jackson, Ste 230
Topeka, KS 66612-1274

Cherie Sage, State Director

Daina Hodges, Outreach Coordinator

to Lead/pb WATCH for Kids TOPICS

Chelation Therapy (intravenous) is NOT recommended for elevated heavy metal levels:
Chelation (intravenous) has caused death in children. Chelation (intravenous) in adults causes a rapid drop in blood pressure which leads to death.

According to Penelope Ody, natural chelators are chamomile and nettles for herbal tea drinkers.

 to Lead/pb WATCH for Kids TOPICS 


Symptoms and Signs of Lead/pb
You are in a building built before 1986.
You have had to walk by and breathe the air of a company remodeling and or sanding.
There is a lot of flaking paint.
There is the smell of a lot of metal.
The air is not clear.  The air makes it appear that there is almost scattered-ness around.
There is a blue or black smoke coming out of an industry's chimney or smokestack.
There are a lot of electric cords.
There is old computer equipment.
There is a lot of dust around.
There is grey metal in and around the sinks.
There is a white ceramic sink without a whole lot of enamel.
There is brown dust in the air of a city, this is also arsenic, pesticides, and aluminum by products.
You are by a light bluish looking boat or ship.
There are old plumbing pipes on the ground doing nothing but deteriorating.
There is a lot of electric music equipment around with head phones.
There is a Rival Crock pot in the Kitchen.
There are chipped and flaking ceramic coffee cups.
There is a lot of dust on top of the floor trim.
There is dust on the floor lamp.
There are batteries around.
There are brass padlocks.
You are around a lot of medical devices.
You work a lot in the soil where there has been or still is a factory within 15 miles.
If there are a lot of ceramic dishes, there is lead/pb.


Fatigue, headaches, dermatitis, increased salivation, muscular weakness, loss of hair and nails, hypo pigmentation of skin, anemia, and skin rashes, teeth turning brown,

Loss of sense of smell, anemia, dried scaly skin, hair loss, hypertension, kidney problems

Children: delayed mental development, hyperactivity, delayed learning, behavioral problems
Children and Adults: fatigue, anemia, metallic taste, loss of appetite, weight loss, weight gain, dizziness, difficulty speaking, and headache, insomnia, nervousness, decreased nerve conduction,  motor neuron disorders, teeth turning grey

Reduced sensory abilities (taste, touch, vision and hearing), metallic taste with increased salivation, fatigue, anorexia, irritability and excitability, psychoses, mania, anemia, paresthesias, tremors, incoordination, cardiovascular disease, hypertension with renal dysfunction, teeth turning black.

FACT: It is rare to have JUST Lead/pb poisoning without some other "heavy metal" attached with it.
One popular combination ESPECIALLY in old houses is Arsenic and Lead/pb.

 to Lead/pb WATCH for Kids TOPICS 


What About Poison Control Centers

There are 57 poison control centers in the United States.  Together they provide free, 24-hour professional advice to anyone in the 50 states, Puerto Rico, The Federated States of Micronesia, American Samoa, and Guam. On occasion some have even served American soldiers serving overseas.

Poison centers provide poison expertise and treatment advice by phone. All poison centers can be reached by calling the same telephone number 1-800-222-1222.  Poison centers are staffed by pharmacists, physicians, nurses and poison information providers who are toxicology specialists.

This is from their website:

 to Lead/pb WATCH for Kids TOPICS 

Venetian Blinds cause lead/pb poisoning and cancer.
Venetian Blinds cause wrist problems when you work with them on a daily basis over time.
The healthiest answer  for a window covering is to use 100% COTTON, pesticide free cotton is ideal !
There are Four materials that are recommended for textile like clothing, travel bags, purses, curtains, look to Debra Lynn Dadd' book, Non Toxic Earth Wise.  She is not the only one saying it.   The Top 4 Healthiest textiles are COTTON, LINEN, WOOL, SILK

If you Have to use Venetian blinds, the Healthy Homes Program recommends 1) not to use them at all or 2) the blinds whether plastic or metal HAVE TO BE REPLACED every 2 to 2 and 1/2 years.


One strategy to get lead/pb out of the public schools, colleges, and universities is:

In Kansas, the law about bullying states:
Statute 72-8256: Bullying, school district policies.  (1)   "Bullying" means: (A) Any intentional gesture or any intentional written, verbal, electronic or physical act or threat that is sufficiently severe, persistent or pervasive that it creates an intimidating, threatening or abusive educational environment for a student or staff member that a reasonable person, under the circumstances, knows or should know will have the effect of:
(i)   Harming a student or staff member, whether physically or mentally;


RoHS stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substance.  The State of California was federally recognized as using RoHS since 2003.  In the late 1990's, like 1998 and 1997, a group of organized and started RoHS.

There has been a lead reduction law in manufacturing in the USA in 1990 in the state of California called the Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention ACT- which fell NATIONWIDE, Kansas joined the Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Act in 1999, also banning the use of lead/pb in manufactured products.  By 2006, RoHS became an international law.

The important concept to remember is that RoHS guards against poisonous chemicals that include and restrict:

Cadmium, found in semiconductors, contacts, PVC stabilizers, pigments, batteries, coatings, and solders is to be LESS than 0.01%.

Lead, found in packaging, termination coatings, solders, paints, pigments, PVC stabilizers, and batteries are to have less than 0.1%.

Mercury, found in batteries, sensors, fluorescent lamps, and more is to be less than 0.1%

Chromium, Polybrominated
biphenyls and diphenyl ethers used as anti corrosives and flame retardents and more are also to be LESS than 0.1%.

Two wonderful links about RoHS are:

Guide Compliance for RoHS & WEEE

Please advocate further restriction of hazardous substance as this will help stop the spread of cancer and other diseases.

What is the alkaline 80% and acid 20% nutrition program?

There are several resources about this concept of eating habits.  Alkaline 80% and Acid 20% comes from pH balancing during the Industrial Age of America.  My understanding, that in the United States, this philosphy emerged in the 1920's and 1930's. 

In any pH balance, including water sources such as lakes, streams and rivers, in plants, animals and humans 7pH is what is desired.

Now, be careful, if you go over 7.8pH you can get alkalosis and damage your kidneys and possibly die.

If you stay below 6.2pH for very long you are too acidic.  This greatly increases your chances for illness such as lead/pb poisoning, cancer, and other illness.

There are several sources of the pH balancing nutrition idea.  There are lists of foods that have pH listings to help get your body into pH balance.  

I looked at several lists to determine close tests results of alkalinity and acidic foods.  This took about 12-14 hours of time by the time you find 3 or 4 different alkaline/acid food lists and READ THEM and understand what this means for the health of your body.

It is important that you do the research yourself.  I do feel comfortable in telling you, based on what I studied that the most alkaline fruits are lemons and limes.

The idea of eating alkaline 80% foods and then 20% acidic foods is what will help you to keep your body in pH balance and HELP to prevent further illness.
I cannot say that this nutrition program will cure anything for anybody.  I do know that I have practiced it by balancing my eating habits around 80% alkaline: vegetables and fruits with 20% acidic legumes and eggs and my health has improved, at the same time I also practiced a lot of lead/pb safety after the time of the March 12, 2006 microburst in Lawrence, KS.  So my health may have returned as a result of practicing lead/pb safety.  Maybe my health returned as a result of both practices.

It is important to note that there is an OVERLAP of both practices since lead/pb is found in food:  fruit juices and red spices like cayenne.  People put lead/pb in food to poison you and help preserve color of their product to continue to help you get sick. 

So you CAN practice lead/pb safety skill with eating habits, knowing where lead/pb is found in food is a lead/pb safety habit and it supports the alkaline 80% acid 20% pH balance.  Lead/pb is acidic.

Why don't they stop using Lead/pb and other harmful chemicals all together....

Abusers have been here since the beginning of time.  A few people are missed informed due to prior abuse issues.  Some people have a hard time distinguishing the truth from the false, the lies.

If you should happen to be one of those people who are misinformed, here is your opportunity to educate yourself about lead/pb on the Lead/pbWATCH for Kids page. 

There are COUNTLESS resources where you can learn at your own pace about poisons.  You do not even have to be able to read to learn about poisons.  There are several people who are willing to talk With you and not At you about poisons and help you empower yourself about the dangers of poison including lead/pb. 

There are COUNTLESS pieces of documentation everywhere, the public library, the internet, private agencies, government agencies, etc.  If you choose to open your mind, you will find information about the harms of chemicals everywhere. 

If you continue to educate yourself, change your lifestyle, improve your attitudes about poisons your life will improve.  It does not mean that you won't get cancer or lead/pb poisoning. 

Should you try to improve your attitudes about harmful chemicals and poisons, you will be in process of improving your life.  When you try to improve your life, you help others improve their lives too.   

Making one improvement is making one improvement.  It is valid.

There are some people who are just abusers.  These types of people thrive on injuring other people.  These types of people love to inflict harm on others.  People have known about lead/pb and other poisons since the beginning of time.  So the people who continue to use poisons, toxic chemical, that includes lead/pb, knowing that these are hurting you are truly abusers.

The thing that abusers forget is that when abusers use lead/pb and other poisons, they, the abusers are poisoning themselves too.  These abusers are considered suicidal, genocidal, and homicidal. 

So please keep in mind that there are people who are simply misinformed and are willing to STOP the use of poisons.  These people are willing to improve their lifestyle.  There are laws that support these people.  

The Center for Disease Control does state that no amount of lead/pb is safe.  So if you ever hear in your head, isn't a little bit OK? The answer is no.  NO amount of lead/pb is safe.  Look around ONE out of THREE of you or your friends are already dieing from cancer.  Lead/pb causes cancer. FACT.  

About the abusers who have no intention of ever stopping the use of poisons and who are killing themselves and their own people, here are some terms that everyone should be aware of.

Threat- people who continue to use lead/pb, aluminum, and think it is okay are threatening other people. 
Threatening is a type of abuse. FACT.

Sabotage of a person's work or supplies,  is one form of intimidation at the workplace.  When employers continue the use of lead/pb, these employers sabotage their workers.  This is a form of abuse.  The employer poisons the worker by using lead/pb.

Physcological Abuse is when an employer, manufacturer, friend, or family member continues the use of lead/pb and aluminum.  It is known, by several different medical fields, that lead/pb and aluminum affect the brain.  When employers, manufacturers, friends, or family members continue to use these poisons they are engaging in what is called crazy making, it is a type of physcological abuse.

Physical Abuse is when an employer, manufacturer, friend, or family member continues the use of lead/pb and poisons.
Physical abuse is the infliction of injury by another person.  Lead/pb causes physical injury.  It effects the brain, motor skills, and speech skills.  When an employer, manufacturer, friend or family member continues the use of lead/pb they are inflicting bodily harm on those involved.  This physical abuse applies also to factories, those companies who do not properly contain their hazardous waste, and old materials not in use that are not properly contained.

Farlex Dictionary: Abuse

Types of Workplace Intimidation

Types of Abuse, Intimidation, & Coercion

Poisoning is mentioned in Criminal Law.  Lead/pb is a poison. Those substances which, when applied to the organs of the body, are capable of altering or destroying, in a majority of cases, some or all of the functions necessary to life, are called poisons. 

This definition of poisoning is from A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856 

Legal Dictionary

Emotional Abusers are known to be misinformed about lead/pb and other poisons.  In fact emotional abusers may be suffering from low to medium lead/pb exposure themselves.  It is known from varying studies that exposure to lead/pb has adverse behavioral effects to those who are exposed.

According to a majority of mental health authorities, there are 4 D's to become aware of, put into your vocabulary, and choose behaviors and a lifestyle that does not murder your children, your neighbors, and yourself.

Deprivation is when a child is deprived of what is necessary for on-going life.  This means appropriate food, appropriate clothing, (There has been lead/pb found in children's clothing.) and appropriate shelter, and emotional needs.  Lead/pb deprives you of appropriate thinking capablilities.  Lead/pb deprives you of full use of your body. Lead/pb, aluminum deprives you of life.  Most poisons deprive.
Distancing is behavior a child will display when being abused.  Confusing and isolating are also tactics that abusers use.  The farther away the child is emotionally and psychologically, the easier it is to emotionally and physically manipulate the person or child.  Lead/pb is a nuerotoxin.  By removing lead/pb from your environment, you reduce one abuse factor from our children's lives.  It is much easier to think reasonably without lead/pb.  It is already proven by medical doctors.

Depreciation examples of verbal depreciation are: I'm stupid, ugly, worthless, etc.  When you continue to use lead/pb products with yourself or with your children, whether you are in the child care, medical, education,  social work, electronics, manufacturing, etc. you are NOT appreciating true value.  As a matter of FACT, you are abusing yourself and others.  Abuse causes death.  To improve your self appreciation skills start with your self talk.  When you talk reasonably with yourself, it is easier to solve many problems including the lead/pb and cancer epidemic. 
Domination  Center for Partnership Studies states:   In the domination system, somebody has to be on top and somebody has to be on the bottom. People learn, starting in early childhood, to obey orders without question. They learn to carry a harsh voice in their heads telling them they’re no good, they don’t deserve love, they need to be punished. Families and societies are based on control that is explicitly or implicitly backed up by guilt, fear, and force. The world is divided into in-groups and out-groups, with those who are different seen as enemies to be conquered or destroyed.

In contrast, the partnership system supports mutually respectful and caring relations. Because there is no need to maintain rigid rankings of control, there is also no built-in need for abuse and violence. Partnership relations free our innate capacity to feel joy, to play. They enable us to grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This is true for individuals, families, and whole societies. Conflict is an opportunity to learn and to be creative, and power is exercised in ways that empower rather than disempower others.

Lead/pb is NOT an opportunity.  Lead/pb is a hazard.  Lead/pb is part of the dominance system.  Lead/pb has a long term history of being a fatal substance and used as such known since before the Assyrian group of people and their documentation. 

Emotional Child Abuse: The Invisible Plague

By Susan Jacoby
Reader's Digest, February, 1985

What is Emotional Abuse? to not enforce Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention with Lead/pb Safety This is EVERYONE's JOB & YOUR responsibility!

Hope Beyond Cancer
has an informative list of some of the heavy metals that cause cancer.

This list of metals that cause cancer are:
Arsenic gives locations of all these metals.

Heavy Metals/Toxins has on their list Lead/pb, mercury, arsenic, cobalt, titanium, cadmium, chromium.

There are more sources at your Public Library, bookstores, and online about heavy metals causing cancer.  Lead/pb is one of the metals that cause cancer.

The reason why you may not be able to have BBQue's, grilling and lounge parties in your back yard is due to lead/pb contamination and other poisonous substance.  In some parts of the world you can still do your own soil testing with litmus paper to see what the alkalinity is.  In health food stores, book stores, libraries, and internet there are several non toxic ways to repair soil.  It is important to practice lead safety with soil.  You can become ill from what other people left for you and your children.

You can also hire professionals to do soil testing.  It is also recommended.  If you test in one place, this does not mean that your whole yard or garden is safe. 

To be lead/pb safest, it is best to test at least every 2 square feet.

Residential Sites Handbook EPA Superfund 2003

There is probably an up-to-date one.

Sampling & Analysis of Soil

EPA tests Pittsburg, KS Soil from Zinc Smelters

Association of Soil and Blood Lead/pb Levels

Remediation of soil from lead-contaminated kindergartens reduces the amount of lead adhering to children's hands

EPA to Remove and Replace Lead-Contaminated Soils at 11 Schools, 16 Child Care Facilities in St. Francois County, Mo

Omaha, Nebraska Yard Clean UP plan from lead/pb:

Is YOUR yard LEAD Safe?

Treating the Soil with Lime & Wood Ash are two of the most natural curatives for restoring the soil.
This process can take several months, considering where the contamination is coming from.  If you have a smelter close by with a lot of debris a Raised Bed for a garden MAY not be the Best answer.

Project Hopes to Find BEST Way to Deal with Lead Contamination in SOIL 

   Crushed Fish bone as one solution mixed in with soil

Mulching and Raised Beds as a Solution to Lead Contamination in soil- it truly is best to treat the soil to repair it from previous heavy metal contamination- like lead/pb smelters and other factories that release debris through the air.

Calcite Limestone, Hydrated Lime, Tree Ash, Maintain & CARE about your soil

My favorites are Hydrated Lime and Tree Ash, yep.  If you are afraid of SMOKE, LOOK what you are burning.  Fire is an ancient requirement for survival, burn toxic chemicals, yes complain.  It is important to understand that some SMOKE actually purifies the air you breathe. KNOW IT!!

I am PRO burning agricultural fields.

If you are driving through, GO AROUND!  Take your carbon monoxide somewhere else, smokey!

There are endless resources of how to care for your soil's health. Check your agriculture store, health food store, book store, public library, and internet.  

Check with your trusted landscape/yard care artist who has a background knowledge with soil HEALTH!

Some lead safe practice skills:
Get your soil tested or test it for lead/pb and other heavy metals.

Learn how to maintain your soil.

Don't let children eat dirt or sand.

Know that sand can be just as contaminated as soil.

Change your shoes as soon as you leave the workplace keeping them in containers.

Change your shoes before or as soon as you get inside your home.

STOP wind erosion, practice erosion prevention skills.  In other words, keep all lose soil, demolition projects, reconstruction sites, etc, covered.


Keep everything as clean as possible.

Use aluminum free and poison free pesticides and poison free fertilizers.

Aluminum kills you and your soil, why use it?
Look at the doctor bills with cancer and heart attack.   Compare it too fertilizer and pesticide and crew costs.  Can you enjoy yourself and your soil honestly if you have cancer, Alzheimer's?

Stop the use of aluminum pesticides and fertilizers.

Keep using aluminum pesticides and fertilizers on top of lead contaminated soils and I personally guaruntee you will have one if not more than one kind of cancer- it's on YOU!

Wear healthy dust masks especially when it is windy.  A 100% cotton bandana is sometimes better than a store bought 3M dust mask.

Boycott crop dusting, YOU can get cancer from crop dusting.  Crop dusters are known to disperse all kinds of cancer causing heavy metals onto all types of soils.

Know what your county and city warnings are:
In Lawrence, KS there is an Atrazene warning.  Atrazene is used on fields.  Atrazene causes cancers and other illness, mix it with lead/pb. . .

Pesticides and fertilizers wash into rivers and streams polluting your water also.  Arsenic is also used in fields as a pesticide.

If you are attempting to manage a lead/pb blood level, watch out for winds.  Blood lead/pb levels will rise from dust on fields and yards. 

Lead/pb in soil comes from the Industrial Age, from factories, coal mines, roads, water stations, smelters, railroads, pipelines, etc.

This website offers a Complete Idiots Guide to Household Distasters:

The article states: if there has been a lot of rain, neglect of previous owners, there will be wood rot.

This blurb about wood rot is not for those who already know about wood rot so skip it!  If you are replacing older plumbing, expect it!!

For people who suffer from allergies, is the problem wood rot? 

Yes, dry wood rot is DANGEROUS!!

There are many dangers with chemically treated wood, There is a myth: we USED to use arsenic in treated wood.  This lie is as common as we USED to use lead/pb.  There are several articles available about how arsenic in treated wood contributes to human disease.

This article is to the point. Lifetime Exteriors:

Toxic mold is a type of mold that produces hazardous byproducts, called mycotoxins. While individuals with asthma and other respiratory problems may have reactions to many types of mold, its thought that mycotoxins are more likely to trigger health problems, even healthy individuals. These toxins are believed to be linked to memory loss and to severe lung problems in infants and the elderly.

It is important to understand HOW lead/pb and rotting wood do not mix well for YOUR health.

Check out Lifetime Exteriors Mold & Rot Gallery:
Hometown Exterior States: The signs of Sick-Home-Syndrome are typically respiratory issues, and never fully recovering from an everyday common cold. The name of the mold that is frequently found from moisture damage on the exterior is known as Black Mold or Stachybotrys. It is a greenish black slimy mold typically found growing on water soaked cellulose products such as wood, paper, or cardboard. This mold produces Mycotoxins which can result in serious health problems like Sick-Home-Syndrome. Mold will typically begin growing from in a continually wet environment such as a water leak in a wall, water vapor condensation trapped in walls, or from moisture intrusion to the framing or sub-wall from the exterior envelope. Hometown Exterior Designs' goal is to eliminate these problems and provide homeowners in Portland, Vancouver, and all of Oregon and SW Washington with peace of mind.

People who do this kind of Renovation & Repair for the Lawrence, KS area are:

Here is a pedia of all types of sick home repair:

Dry rot/wood rot is sometimes called House Cancer.
"Prevention and early repair often require very little time or money"

Pro Pex  Services in Asheville North Carolina states: Mold is the cause of MANY severe health problems, as well as "dry rot" the shrinking and deterioration of structural wood in a home due to the death and recession of a mold colony.  This as well as indoor air quality concerns, can severely affect a home's value, and should be taken care of prior to placing a structure on the market."

Mold Expert Phillip Fry has written 5 books about mold.  Fry states:  Most home owners believe as 
long as they do not see visible signs of mold, that is, patches of green, blue, or black, discoloration on surfaces, their environment is free of contamination.

Mold Expert Phillip Fry continues to states: "What they don't realize, however, is that large acculmulation of (hidden or concealed) mold be be growing in areas that they cannot see, like air ducts, remote attic or basement spaces, or wall cavities.  Left to multiply, these infestations may produce enough organic compounds to cause allergic reactions, sickness and, in extreme cases, death ( a possibility with infants)," Edward R Lipinski, 'HOME CLINIC: A Battle Against Mold and Mildew,' from the New York Times, September 12, 1999.

The five books that are STILL AVAILABLE for the public that Certified Mold Expert Phillip Fry wrote are: 1) Mold Monsters  2) Mold Home Remedy Recipes 3) Mold Legal Guide 4) Mold Health Guide 5) Do-It-Best-Yourself Mold Prevention, Inspection, Testing and Remediation.

I strongly recommend all 5 of these books written by Mold Expert Phillip Fry.  His works are on several internet sites and around the world.  The following excerpt is from Mold Health Guide.

MOLD WARNING SIGNS: The top, most common MOLD HEALTH SYMPTOMS, SYMTPOMS OF MOLD EXPOSURE, SYMPTOMS OF DEADLY or UNHEALTHY BLACK MOLD AND TOXIC MOLD, symptoms of mold poisoning and mold health problems are listed below in alphabetical order.  Learn about available medical mold diagnostic and treatment procedures in the in depth ebook Mold Health Guide. READ THE TOP 100 MOLD SIGNS.
A mold victim may experience one or more symptoms or mold illness---

1) abdominal pain

2) anaphylaxis (severe allergic reaction)

3) acne

4) allergies

5) altered immunity

6) asthma and asthmatic signs like wheezing, shortness in breath, coughing, burning in lungs

7) Balance problems

8) Bladder and Kidney problems and PAIN

9) bleeding lungs

10) blood pressure irregularities

11) brain fog, confusion, and/or memory loss

12) Breathing difficulties

13) bruising easily

14) burning in the throat and lungs (similar to acid reflux)


16)  Central Nervous System Effects


18) cholestrol or triglycerides irregularities

19) coated TONGUE

20) colds, recurring and with decreased resistance to infection

21)  coughing and resulting sore lungs or chest from excessive coughing

22)  coughing up blood

23) dandruff problems chronic that do not go away despite use of anti dandruff shampoos

24) dark URINE

25) DEATH in extreme cases

26) dermatitis and skin rashes

27) depression/anxiety/dementia

28) diarrhea

29) difficulty swallowing

30) dizziness

31) eye and vision problems

32) facial movements inadvertently or extreme jerking

33) face flushing intermittently

34) fatigue (chronic, excessive, or continued) and or general malaise

35) feeling lost or disconnected from what's happening around you

36)  Fibromyalgia (chronic fatigue and widespread pain)

37) food allergies

38) flu symptoms


40) heart attack

41) hemorrhagic PNEUMONITIS

42) Hives

43) HYPERSENSITIVTY pnuemonitis (extrinsic allergic alveolitis, farmers lung disease)


45) infertility

46) irritability

47)  irritable bowel syndrome

48)  itching of the nose, mouth, eyes, throat, skin, or any area


50) large boils on neck

51)  LEAKY GUT SYNDROME aka alcoholism

52) learning difficulties or mental funtioning

53) liver pain

54) memory loss or memory difficulties/  Alzheimers-like symptoms

55) multiple chemical sensitivity

56) nausea

57) night sweats and hot flashes


59) open SORES and Lacerations

60) organic dust TOXIC syndrome

61) peripheral nervous symtem effects

62) rashes or hives

63) redness of sclera (WHITE of YOUR eyes)

64) respiratory distress

65) ringing in ears

66) runny nose (rhinitis), clear, thin, watery mucus from your nose may suddenly, or thick geen slime coming out of nose (from sinus cavities) 

67)  seizures

68) sinus congestion, sinus problems, and chronic sinusitis

69)  skin REDNESS

70) sleep disorders

71) slurred speech

72) sneezing

73) Sneezing fits (more than three snezzes in a row, happening often)

74) sore throat

75) spleen PAIN

76) swollen lymph nodes

77) thyroid irregularities

78) tremors shaking twitching

79) urinary tract infections

80) verbal dysfunction (trouble in speaking)

81) vertigo (feelings of dizziness, lightheadedness, faintness and unsteadiness)

82) vision problems

83) vomiting

This comprehensive list is from CERTIFIED MOLD Inspector Phillip Fry.  Phillip Fry has several sugestions on how to combat mold.  I publicly thank Phillip Fry, mold expert for all of his expertise and hard work.
  This is taken from a site has several suggestions on how to combat mold. www mold ph

Lifestyle is a major contributing factor.  Some of us attempt to live a mold prevention lifestyle.  It is a shame that so many of us have had to suffer because of negligent neighbors and unhealthy landlords.

So one thing to remember is if there has been a small scale tornado or microburst within the life of the house you are looking to buy or rent, BE LEARY.  High winds with rain in NEAR FUTURE cause wood rot and mold.  Cities and homeowners that are not  WELL PLANNED for disaster and do not have their own disaster relief funds are not recommended for shelter.

There are SEVERAL of US in Kansas who are advocating for MOLD LAWS, so that those housing mold are responsible for spreading around disease and are being proactive about the demolition of the unihabitable housing PREVAILENT in the last eight years of tornado/microburst areas, like Lawrence, KS. 

Have you ever heard of a tornado NOT to go through Kansas??


What is Lead Safety Works Practice?

Lead Safety Works Practice is a set of SKILLS that helps to PREVENT further lead/pb poisoning and lead contamination.

Some TRUE FACTUAL stories about those who have not practiced lead safety works practice 1) complete loss of eye sight from an outdated industrial building, 2) 3 weeks in the hospital and being on a respirator with charcoal therapy from an old house, 3) complete loss of hair for 6 months and nails turning completely black, falling off and returning in 9 months from an old house.

You can become certified in lead safe practices that applies to several professions: Electricians,  Carpenters, Plumbers, & Painters.
You can become lead safe orientated if you have hobbies and other repair work that includes soldering.

One way to find your
local healthy homes department is to find the EPA region of your state and telephone number.

One way of looking at this Lead Safety Works Practice is that you are helping a child to not get sick when you practice lead/pb safety.

Another way of looking at Lead Safety Works Practice is that you are helping to PREVENT cancer.  There is NO One who is not affected by cancer.

Lead Safety Works Practice are skills so that YOU do not get sick.  Would you rather have the illness, insanity and not even be able to work or to pay your bills from lead poisoning?  Then why worry about the cost of a Lead Safety Works Practice Class?   

Francis Xavier Rich Finigan in 2010: " is the president of American Indoor Air Quality Assessment Services, an EPA accredited training provider... was formerly the president of the national nonprofit IESO writing ANSI environmental standards."

Francis Xavier Rich Finigan has a Lead Safe List blog addressing the contractual liability issues.

There are also are several directories of EPA Lead Certified Directories that lists EPA Lead Certified Companies. 

There are also SEVERAL SAFE SOLDERING WORKS Practices available to the general public.
I re -iterate:   Lead/pb is a Poison.  Lead/pb causes cancer.  Lead/pb is a neurotoxin meaning it will make your body to not work correctly and you feel as though you are crazy. 

"Soldering as in electronic manufacturing: Lead is a highly malleable and ductile metal that is often used in manufacturing. Soldering lead as in electronic manufacturing creates an extremely poisonous lead vapor, which is easily inhaled. Any individual involved in lead soldering should always follow safe-work practices to avoid lead poisoning."  taken from Kansas Department of Health and Environment Adult Blood Lead Epidemiological Surveillance Occupation Department. 

The link from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment is a page about occupational hazards with lead soldering. Welding, plumbing, painting, soldering in electronic manufacturing, automotive radiator repair, ammunition manufacturing(I've seen a lot of all copper bullets lately, too.), demolition work, remodeling and renovation projects, battery manufacturing and recycling.


What's WRONG with fruit juices is arsenic and lead/pb.

Jasmin Malik Chua wrote an article and it was published June 10, 2010.
The article has a compiled list of SNACKS and DRINKS contaminated by lead/pb. The list has over 125 products of lead/pb contaminated food products and there are still lead/pb contaminated food products on the market today. Press on author's name to see the list.
With all of the other lead issues in soldering, older buildings, plumbing, and unhealthy manufacturing, it is a huge health risk to not read this list. Historically, the white man used to give Native Americans smolten lead to drink as a trick to kill us outright, why are we allowing food companies to add lead and to grow fruit in lead contaminated soils right now? Hand squeezing your own juices is highly recommended by several professionals. 

Arsenic in addition to lead/pb is also found in apple juice.

Diabetes is linked to arsenic found in fruit juices.


For centuries, health care practioners have examined nails and hair for diagnostics purposes.
Much has been said about heavy metals leaving the body through skin, hair, nails, urine and stool.

National Elderly Institute has examined nails for years as one means of diagnosing elderly patients.

Natural Healing Techniques offers a short free class for fingernail analysis.
Several doctors mention black leaving the nails as lead/pb, B-12 deficiency, thyroid, etc.
I linked her sitemap so that you can scroll down to her fingernail analysis page.  The fingernail analysis page is linked under the Techniques column.

Differring nail analysizers even have specific mold exposure types available.

Helping People Survive online also mentions silver poisoning and chemical exposure in their nail analysis synopsis.

Moon Dragon has very similar info about nail health as Natural Healing Techniques.  I am not endorsing going out and trying herbs.  I am saying watch your nails for arsenic, lead/pb and other heavy metals coming out of your body so that you can adjust your behavior for life.

Well, the good news is that several of us did think ahead and attempted to pass on information that murderers do not want you to know about.

In some Germanic countries, the death penalty was issued for those using lead in the late 1400's and again in the mid 1500's.  Remember in US history,  evil doers used lead plumbing in insanitariums in the mid 1850's, while people were being burned alive at the stake and running for their lives.

Murderers are always going to be here so protect yourself.  One way of protecting yourself is through education.  Not everybody has your best interest in mind.  Some people love to cause chaos and destruction.

People really did try to stop lead/pb in 1850's.  Lead poisoning is often called the miner's disease.  The introduction of aluminum helped to make people forget about the lead/pb and it's toxic affects.

Please take SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY seriously.  In 2010, 1 out of every 3 people get cancer, your chances for survival INCREASE.  Lead Poisoning in a Historical Perspective is an excellent documentary of what we have done about the lead.

The cancer is not going to go away until we change  behavior and attitudes.  Cancer was a totally preventable disease in the 1920's.  FACT.  One member of the Haskell Health Care Center states, "Cancer is from the Industrial Age."


A lead safe environment and a lead safe area is one where people have gathered to make it safe.  It is going to take YOU to keep it safe.
A lead safe environment has nutritious soil. 

Please keep in mind that nutritrous soil does NOT always include YOU, but will affect you.  Farmers have said for centuries that land needs rest.  In least the last 200 years farmers have said let the land rest for at least 7 years from tilling, from all farm use.  We have NOT done this is most areas.

Soil that is in need of repair includes the need for rest, the NEED for tree ash, repair with lime, repair with Organic, NON synthetic, calcium like crushed fish bones.

A lead safe soil that includes YOU is one where your home is not built on a old factory or smelter or DUMPS that people who were here before you buried.  You can get cancer and other illnesses from what is buried underneath you, like radon and lead exposure.

Please be more mindful of the nuclear waste that has been being buried here in the US since the Industrial Age and before the phrase Nuclear Power even existed.
If you are truly interested in a lead safe area so that food, fruit and shade trees will grow, take appropriate measures to repair the exposure of toxic soil NOW, otherwise just plan on dieing from cancer or some other disease.  You CAN be responsible even if you are a "renter" and repair soil.  If we do one square foot, we have accomplished something.

Other aspects of a lead/pb safe environment are being cognizant of WASTE management.  What is waste management?  There are several angles of waste management.  Proper and enough drainage in housing additions, along our fields and streams, and in our streets.

Knowing where waste is buried for the last 100 years plus and how to address the waste making soil toxic issue.

Minimize waste making is another angle.  To the best of your ability- STOP making trash.

Have a repair plan for the repair plan.  This too can be applied for waste management.

Know what we are going to do with all of this lead/pb.

Minimize our use of electricity.  This helps waterways.  Helping waterways helps to make lead safe areas and a lead safe environment.

STOP manufacturers from making lead and other harmful products.

Keep toxins including clothing, cookware, and toys out of your personal life.  Remember the healthiest textiles are cotton, linen, silk, and wool.  Pyrex glass and stainless steel are the healthiest cookware that I am aware of with SAFE rock cooking (radon is still an issue).
Keeping dust to a minimum is a lead safe area idea.

Make sure our water is safe to drink, cook, and bath with is a lead safe area and lead safe environment idea.

Being aware of how our behavior influences our chances for diseases, not the entire cause of illness, but our attitudes and behavior does cause illness. 

Continue to educate yourself through classes, books, libraries, etc.

Know what works for you and healthy eating habits. 

If you fall  with your goals of a healthy lifestyle, get up and try again.

So a simple list of a lead safe environment:
1) all fresh no packaged food
2)Be responsible for your soil, even if you rent
3) Minimize waste, reduce waste making
4) Repair all waste management systems.
5) Minmize the use of electricity and make sure your cords are less than 5 parts per million 
6) Minimize dust, keeping everything clean.
7) Stop others from using lead/pb, especially smelters, factories and manufacturing.

Remember, the more we engage in attitudes and behavior that create health, we will have MORE health.
If, and you probably do, have some of your favorite people on the whole planet dieing or incapacitated from cancer, KNOW that you are NOT alone.

I do NOT believe in PROCESSING emotions.  Processing is an Industrial Age term that comes from machinery and systems that use machinery.

I do believe in calling a duck a duck.  If it acts like a duck, talks like a duck, it is a duck.

I say KNOW that you are not alone because it's stops other forms of emotional abuse.  Stopping isolation "patterns" is one technique.

I do NOT believe in the 7 stages of grief nor it's management.

If groups of people took something from you, then you were stolen from.  It is a loss.

If groups of people are poisoning you, you are being murdered.

If you have a friend who is "dead," from cancer.  It does NOT mean that you are no longer friends.

You can still be friends with people that you love, even if they are "dead."

It is okay to miss them.  It is okay to long for them.

If somebody is telling you to hurry up how you feel, that person is the one who has emotional illness.

I was told a long time ago that emotions do not know time.  It is true.  Can you put how you feel on a clock?

You can choose what you are going to do about how you feel.  It is your feeling and watch it , lead/pb does have the power to take it from you.
That is one of the reasons why some people still use lead/pb so they can steal your feelings and your body.

You CAN make your sadness into something positive.  Just because we might happen to be sad does not mean that we are being negative or non productive.  Most "emotions" are "telling" us something.

If you can figure out what your emotion is telling you, you have accomplished something.

Give yourself time, even if you have to steal time, give yourself time to think.

Emotions and coping with emotions are NOT like peeling an onion.  Onions are something to eat and help to prevent cancer.

If you feel like something is wrong you are right.

One way to make sadness positive is tell someone and that someone might be yourself and someone else.  Someone else may not understand what you feel because they do not know what you know.  Someone else may not understand because someone else chooses to cope or deal with their feelings differently.  Even if you meet several someone else's, try to tell them,  and it's seems like forever, keep finding someone else.

Maybe find out what your sadness is trying to tell you.  Most emotions are their to help you, regardless of someone else's belief system.

If you need to be mad, then you have the right and authority to be mad.  What are you going to do about it?

There are several healthy actions you can do on your time and in your realm.

Know that you are not alone.

Sometimes people get help from books to address sadness, grief and loss.

Sometimes people get on the telephone with groups or just one individual and address similar types of sadness and similar anger and similar losses.

No body ever has the exact same loss because it is your loss and no one else's.  In other words, someone else cannot have your loss.  Someone else probably needs to acknowledge their own loss or find out that lead/pb is killing them.

If you cannot seem to find the "right" someone else, maybe try humor, not to solve the problem.  Just tell yourself a joke as a buffer until you know that you got the "right" answer for yourself.  I guaruntee that you will know when you know that you have the right answer for yourself. 

Do you that someone else will be mad and sad that you found the "right" answer for yourself?

If you want to help yourself to fight diseases, you can.  If you want to take care of yourself, you can.
Sometimes it takes a while to learn.  Sometimes somethings happen out of your control and you might forget how to take care of yourself temporarily, if you keep aluminum away from your diet habits, you stand a higher chance of remembering. 

If you want to change how you do things, you can.

Please remember, if you are experiencing too much sadness, too much grief you might be experiencing too much arsenic, lead, asbestos, aluminum, or some other heavy metal in your environment.


Finnish Bread was studied and found Cadmium and Lead/pb link
Soft plastic bags link

is what is wrong with bread and aluminum styles of processing the bread.

Bread is also notorious for hosting mold.

If you have a friend that consciously or unconsciously is using lead/pb, there are several actions you can take.  Weigh the pro's and con's.

1) Do you feel comfortable in telling your friend that lead/pb is a poison?

2) Do you feel comfortable in giving your friend literature about the dangers of lead/pb?

3) Keep making new friends that are specifically against lead/pb.

4) Keep educating yourself about the dangers of lead/pb, lead paint, lead in toys, lead in clothing, etc.

5) Keep moving along with your own life and know that you really do have friends that are willing to change their lifestyles in order to reduce their own lead/pb exposure.

6) KNOW that you have people on your side about lead/pb contaminents.

7) Know that you have choices, like you do not have to keep that friend.

8) If you keep that friend that uses lead/pb, know that you have choices.
     a) You do not have to hang around your friend when he or she is using lead/pb or aluminum.
     b) Tell other people who are honestly against lead about your friend who is using lead/pb.
9) It is okay to be sad about your friend that continues to use lead/pb. 

10) Make a stronger commitment to yourself to be a best friend to yourself. 

If we keep talking about the lead/pb problem in this country and coming from China, the more people will do something about the lead/pb mines, electronics, water mains, and dilapidated housing. 

Personal safety:  Are you living with lead paint, mold, wood rot and lead plumbing?  Are your electric cords lead safe (as of 2011 less than 5 parts per million)?
Is your cookware truly lead/pb safe?  Are your toys lead safe?  Are your clothes lead safe?
If you choose to keep lead/pb like an antique are you storing your lead properly? (Behind glass or triple wrapped in plastic)
Are you eating or drinking lead/pb products: candy,  juices, canned goods, using crockpots, appropriate cookware?
Are you living in an area where winds blow in particles of lead/pb?
Is the soil and dust in and around your home lead safe?
Are you in an area where there is a smelter or there was a smelter?

Help out by correcting some of the medical community and help out with the law making level and people who take down smelters, coal mines, factories and manufacturers.  It has been documented even a small amount of lead/pb causes illness

Those that are doing something about the lead/pb problem means that WE ARE FIGHTING CANCER and other related diseases!!
 Who and What creates healthy shelter?

How ethical is hydrologic fracturing when it destroys roads, contaminates earth/soil and water, kills people, creates debt for cities and towns nearby?

How does Waste Containment effect healthy shelters?

What are Waste Management Departments responsible for?

Does the company you work for have a waste management department or why not?

Is the Waste Management Department in your company creating a healthy future or giving you cancer, related illnesses?

Why buy flood insurance when dams and other water flow areas are not being properly maintained?

Why is the sale of housing in flood plane areas legal?

Do you know the Sunshine kills MOLD?

Do you know that several health resources recommend dusting everything you own at least every two weeks?- If there is lead/pb present, dusting everything you own every two weeks reduces lead/pb dust contamination. 

What are some more ways we CAN reduce waste creation?

Our RESPONSIBILITY about lead/pb is vital.

You are now held accountable. 

Little cliches like name it claim it dump it do NOT apply here as children can no longer play outside anymore in their families backyards and school grounds.  People who think this way ARE ACCOUNTABLE.

It may be true that you did not create it,  and it is true there is no ONE cure for poisoning.  You ARE responsible for exposing a child to any poison.  This includes lead/pb.

It depends on where YOU are in the learning process about lead/pb.  What your job is, also affects your behavior when dealing with children and adults who have or have had elevated blood lead level illness.  Lead/pb illness does not start in the mind.

Lead/pb illness starts when you are exposed to lead/pb.  Some effects of lead/pb are immediate, especially with our children.  When people continously expose children to lead/pb it leads to more ILL health effects of all of those involved.

Lead/pb is your problem, lead/pb is everybody's problem and it is up to YOU to do something about lead/pb.

Oh the whiners and the criers of I have to comply with RoHS.  Excuse me, you people need to examine what life is about.  Why do YOU want to kill children, when you continue to use lead/pb that is what YOU are doing, killing your own air, pretty suicidal you ARE.  Expect resistance and know that civil wars are very possible, I already do, that is why I do not have a problem with calling other musicians and recording artists and computer geeks that are whining about RoHS whiners and criers- get over it!!

Look at this way (whiners) would you like to be part of 66% of the American community that is cancer free or would you like to be part of 33+% that has cancer and other auto-immune deficiencies?

You, too, have a RESPONSIBILITY for protecting children even if you do not care about the planet you are living on.
Enough about the whiners.... 

For people who DO CARE and were honestly mis-informed keep doing the best you can and I support you.  Remember ALL of my belongings were doused with metalic lead/pb flakings and I could not move fast enough either.

Which brings up another topic of discussion of the storage of lead/pb?  Once lead/pb, like lead/pb paint and plumbing lines are made, one can not really throw lead/pb away.  It HAS to be properly contained to reduce exposure of toxicity levels.

The more the general public becomes aware of the Healthiest ways of storing lead/pb and it's confinement the healthier we will all be.  I almost died from unhealthy confinement of lead/pb.

It does not necessarily take a tornado or a high wind to destroy confinement of lead/pb.  A good flood will do the trick just fine too.

I do know that it is a STANDARD practice for ALL old homes to just build right over the top of the pre-existing lead/pb plumbing and if the house was built prior to plumbing then the lead/pb plumbing pipes exist right close to the outside of the house where guttering is hammered on. FACT. 

This is why it is of utmost importance to VALUE appropriate WASTE MANAGEMENT.  Waste Management is YOUR responsiblity also.

Who is Lead Safe Certified  in Your Area?
How can I practice lead/pb safety?

1) Understand that Lead/pb is a poison.
2) Support ROHS through consumer advocacy.  ROHS is Restriction of Hazardous Substance.  If an electronic device, such as a smart phone, does not say ROHS or CE on the package, BUY one that does.  CE means that the manufacturer has taken measures to meet RoHS directives.
3) Support our Healthy Homes Programs
4) Advocate developing healthier hazardous waste containment, safe removal.
5) Test personal belongings for lead with lead surface test kits.  Then either quarantine, get rid of these lead/pb belongings.
6) Ask and be positive acting with our cities having old lead/pb water mains being removed and wisely contained in wood ash and lime.
7) Ask and be positive acting with our grocers fresh vegetable producers using healthy soil.
8) Advocate the stopping of leaded gasoline with our military and with air travel, jets airplanes, etc.
9) Be mindful of wrappers of any kind, report founded lead/pb to the companies themselves and to consumer advocacy groups who will take action in our local areas. Bread and candy wrappers are notorious.
10) Be mindful of porcelain products, a lot of porcelain contains lead.  Ask the manufacturer.  Examples of lead/pb contaminated porcelain are claw foot bathtubs, coffee cups, crock pots, ceramic dishes.
11)  Avoid processed fruit juice products, especially those known to have lead.  There are several lists of food contaminated products on the internet.
12) Avoid red dyes.
13) Avoid non organic spices that are red like cayenne, paprika, turmeric and chili powder.
14) Know that the older that lead paint is that the more poisonous it is.  There are hundreds of resources about lead paint.  Practice lead paint safety and avoidance.  Call a professional and the poison control center before renovating.    
15) Practice lead dust safety removal by using damp disposables, using damp or wet techniques stops putting lead dust into the air so that we do not breathe in the lead dust.
16) Advocate anti-lead soldering.
17) Advocate the safe removal and safe containment of  lead/pb plumbing and pipe fittings.
18) Check hot water tanks for lead safety.
19) Use cold water, since hot water heats up the lead and allows it to absorb through the skin.  There are several nutritional antibacterial on the market for healthier hand washing and laundry.
20) When someone says, "You can only get lead poisoning from eating lead paint." if you are comfortable you can tell them that lead poisoning ALSO occurs when you breathe in LEAD DUST. 
21) Understand how lead dust happens and lead dust sources, for example, when normal dust sits for a period of time on a consumer product that has a lot of lead in it, like a an adapter or computer cord, near by places where old leaded gasoline stations usually contain lead dust, old fertilizer plants usually have lead dust, and of course houses that contain lead paint and lead plumbing with dirt on them.  Take appropriate care to prevent lead/pb dust from occurring.
A lot of people have taken the time to document other considerations about lead dust and how it travels into food, air passages, shoes, clothing, etc.
22) LISTEN to construction and remodeling workers when they share their stories of their own and friends lead poisoning stories.
23) Take one or more lead/pb safety classes from an environmental agency or firm.
24) If you are renovating an old home, please hire someone who is truly certified in lead safety so that you cannot be harmed when someone else disturbs lead paint.
25) Advocate canvas protection and the use of HEPA filters for lead safety.
26) Understand that one can have very active lead dust around window sills without any lead paint in the house from everyday wind.
27)  If you are on medication, find out how much lead is in the pill or liquid from a material safety data sheet.
28) Be mindful that there are occupations that expose one to lead more so than others.  For example those who work around electronic devices, miners, those exposed to a lot of dust, locksmiths, people who work around medical devices, etc.
29) Making one's own fishing sinkers with lead/pb can cause heart attacks and more.
30)Understand that lead/pb causes neurotransmitter problems in the brain. 
31) Be aware and positive acting about how mental health and medical health professionals have never been made to study nor held accountable for how lead contributes to illness. Please be mindful that it is entirely possible to have a MISDIAGNOSIS when you might have elevated blood lead levels of 2.5 or higher, or they the mental health professional and or nurse and doctor may also have elevated blood lead levels above 2.5 themselves and have their own denial to work through. 
32)  Hold child service provider private or in the public sector, accountable to practice lead/pb safety skills in your schools, doctor's offices, universities, and colleges.
33) Understand SOIL problems and how lead/pb contributes, especially if you are a gardener or landscape artist.  One lead safety tip is wash off the shoes you wore in the garden or scape before putting them in the vehicle or home.
34)  Understand differing water issues and how lead/pb contributes through existing naturally, old water mains, plumbing, soldering and nearby smelters.
35) Just take the training without whining and practice lead/pb safety or find a different occupation.  Of course those who are in architect, building, and home renovation and demolition are required by LAW to have lead classes, lead certification, so that you do not have to have lead/pb poisoning.  Other toxins are asbestos, arsenic, mold, and dry rot.,etc.
36)  Here is one article about lead free ammunition and game,  Hunters and fisher people benefit from practicing lead safety skills.
37) Know that some baby food has lead/pb in it and that those manufacturers of such are being sued and can be sued.
38) Some manufacturers are more at risk for lead poisoning and be sued about lead exposure.  For example:  Manufacturers of canned goods, fruit juices, bread wrapping, paint manufacturers, toys, cord and cables, ceramic manufacturers, computer manufacturers and more.
39) Knowing laws about lead/pb and hazardous material isn't really practicing lead/pb safety, HOWEVER, it makes others practice lead/pb whether they want to or not, which in turn makes us more lead safe.
40) Be really careful around windows.  Venetian blinds that are over 2 years old usually have either lead dust on them and they have lead in them and due to the rate of decay become more poisonous over time.  Glass can fall out like nothing with an eyelash of pressure and tolerate big mac trucks- it depends.
41) Be mindful that old or new walls can bust through and you can be exposed to stuff we do not even know about this generation- there is danger of asbestos, arsenic, whatever they used tin with and other types of dust and mold that will kill in older homes.  Respirators are MANDATORY for survival.
42)  Please remember there are other harmful substances in paint, including:  arsenic, traces of asbestos, aluminum, cadmium- all of these WILL land you in the hospital when inhaled with the right amount.
43) One wet wipe method is:  Another lead/pb safety tip is if there is a bunch a dust in a corner of something(an item) that you are lead surface testing, 1) Wear a respirator and gloves, take a wet paper towel with a small trash bag, wipe off the dust, wipe the floor around the area where the dust was found and put the wet paper towel immediately into the trash sack, you can goose neck tie the bag for future use before the towel dries or just tie the bag off.  This stops the travel of air borne Lead/pb dust.  If you let the towel dry, open up the bag with dust into then you are exposing yourself to lead/pb dust.  One does not have to be certified to lead surface test consumer products, including toys.  There are other wet wipe methods available to the general public, just take a lead and harmful metals safety class.
44)  Remember that when we do practice lead safety skills, even just one it helps those who have pre-exisiting diseases and illnesses not to get any sicker. So sharing information with others, even if they do not want to hear it helps to reinforce memory of other lead safety skills.
45) One last way you can practice lead safety from this blurb is to Please H E L P lower the lead/pb limit threshold for children to ZERO instead of level 5, by contacting the Center for Disease Control & Prevention, our Congress people and Environmental Protection Agency Offices.
46)  Please know that there are many more other lead skills to learn about.

We all can learn how to protect children and ourselves, otherwise plan on more auto-immune deficiencies, kidney disease, and cancer.
There are several ways to learn how to practice lead safety, remember NO amount of lead is safe, even if you think a little is okay.

Growing Beyond Emotional Abuse

If your friends or parents think that you are crazy for trying to keep lead/pb and aluminum out of your life Growing Beyond Emotional Abuse is an excellent place to start

Growing Beyond Emotional Abuse is a webring with several sites that you can empower yourself with skills that can help you improve your life, with or without your friends.

You can join the webring or simply examine their literature available.

I highly recommend Victims No More from the Growing Beyond Emotional Abuse ring.

There are several articles and books available to empower Your Life.

When you are ridding yourself of lead/pb, aluminum, and other Medical Doctor acknowledged, governmental branches acknowledged, Scientist acknowledged toxins from Your Life expect resistance.

There are several conscious and unconscious techniques that other people use so that they, the other people will tell you that you have a problem and that they, the other people, don't have to confront their own lifestyles.

For example, I had someone tell me, "Don't be afraid of cancer."  This person has NOT tested their belongings for lead/pb, will not study about the dangers of lead/pb, continues to use aluminum based products, has used his/her age to make his or herself have more power than me, has used his/her racial identity to make his/herself to have more power than me, has used cultural identity to make his/herself have more power than me when we have similar and different cultural backgrounds.  

When you confront what causes cancer like lead/pb and aluminum and these types of people say do not be afraid, I believe what is REALLY going on is disrespect.  

There is HEALTHY FEAR. To be aware of cancer and talking about the causes of disease is healthy.  There is a NEED to be RESPONSIBLE. 

If you do not want to be accountable for YOUR behavior, actions and attiudes WHAT ARE YOU REALLY SAYING ABOUT YOURSELF?


What kind of person are you if you are choosing to NOT be responsible for the lead/pb and aluminum? 


What is Lead Safety?
Understanding and acting in a way where you don't allow yourself and others to poison themselves with lead/pb.

 FACT:  Blood lead levels lower than 10 µg/dL can be associated with neurological impacts.

FACT:  Despite reductions in exposure following OSHA’s 1978 publication of lead standards for general industry, more than 80% of elevated lead levels in adults come from workplace exposures. Industries most affected include lead mining, refining, and smelting; construction work involving paint removal, demolition, and maintenance of outdoor metal structures such as bridges and water towers; auto repair; and battery manufacturing and recycling.

FACT: These issues of high blood pressure and neurobehavioral changes in relation to lead exposure are commonly missed, not looked for in patients who present with low-level toxicological exposure to lead

FACT: Lead Exposure and Human Health

FACT: Home Danger Zone Finder
 Food refining and processing almost always reduce the mineral content of our food. Whole wheat flour, when milled to make white flour, loses 40% of its chromium, 86% of its manganese, 89% of its cobalt, 78% of its zinc and 48% of its molybdenum. Refining cane into sugar causes even greater losses. EDTA may be added to frozen foods to retain their color. However, this chelating agent removes minerals that otherwise would cause the surface minerals to ‘tarnish’, discoloring the vegetables.

See more by Lawrence Wilson MD

Avoid canned foods and canned drinks of all kinds, soft drinks in cans, beer in cans, aluminum cans, tin cans, and especially lead-soldered cans. Some researchers estimate we could easily reduce our lead intake 50% by simply avoiding lead-seamed canned foods altogether.

See Nutritional Healing Center with Dr. Lewis Cone


Twelve Miles and more radiation flows out from waste at the Sunflower Army Ammunition's Plant.


I was told in the summer of 2011, in Lawrence, KS, USA that 1 out of 3 people will get cancer...

This comes from a lady whose grandson died from cancer.  I know over 53 people who have died from cancer and I have not made a list of who I know that has survived cancer.

This blog says that it is.  a 40% probabablity...Why do we choose all these harmful ways?  Why do we allow others to pollute healthier ways? Does this sound like common sense to you? 

Yahoo in the UK and Ireland about 1 out of every 3 of us getting cancer has something to say....

As of Feb 2, 2012, someone at the Merc said, "this cancer thing...."

It is proven that lead/pb is part of cancer....

Here is a book about how the pancreas works and used to work- and that dark leafy greens are not enough....

STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and address the cancer problem that CAN be prevented, at least some of it.

Thoughts of Well, that's just how it is- is a LIE.

Stopping hydraulic fracturing would help stop cancer- and EARTHQUAKES.  Yep stopping synthetic earthquakes would help stop cancer.

TRUE lead/pb and mercury CONTAINMENT with tree ash untreated and properly buried and marked would help.

Addressing the mold issues and advocating anti mold life styles would help to solve the mold/cancer problem.

YahooAnswers says this about 1 out of 3 have cancer....

I have been alkalizing intentionally since 1995.  One of my favorites is fresh apples and lime with distilled water.  I believe I would be dead from Lawrence, Ks's IRRESPONSIBILITY with lead/pb containment with a microburst mix.  Press on this paragraph and there is a whole website about stopping the cancer epidemic.

"It is time to push our society and every one of us to confront the causes of this modern epidemic today."

- Dr. David Servan-Schreiber, Doctors Without Borders
I have read one of Dr. Servan Schreiber's book who is a brain cancer survivor.  I found it to be helpful and emotionally uplifting.

My personal opinion is that I need to see the studies of lead/pb related cancer PRONTO.  Remember RoHS does not apply to medical devices and/or lead electric cords on medical devices as of 2012.  In 2013 the issue is just starting to be addressed.


The address of the neon green waste pool in Lawrence KS is around N 1300 Road & E 1750 Road.  According to the KDHE it is a small lead mine.

What is Cancer Prevention?

Be CAREFUL. WARNING Cancer Prevention may feel as though it goes against every thing you have been taught.

Cancer prevention is not about a bunch of do's or don't's.

Cancer prevention is a lifestyle.

Unfortunately, a cancer prevention lifestyle does not mean you will NOT get cancer.  It is said that most cancer could have been prevented had not the Industrial Age not existed.  A cancer prevention lifestyle will help you fight cancer if you are ever diagnosed with it though.

Cancer prevention is a mulitude of skills and attitudes.

Cancer prevention does mean get appropriate sleep to the best of ability.

Cancer prevention does mean fire the old food pyramid and do something similar to the alkaline 80% and acid 20% nutritionally.  As of 2011, the American Heart Association has suggested at least 3-5 vegetables daily and fruit.  Staying gluten free as possible also helps.

Cancer prevention does mean mold prevention and not killing.

Cancer prevention DOES address outside environmental issues, THEREFORE not everything is our fault. 

Cancer prevention does address the reduced exposure to toxic chemicals, including reduce and stop pesticides, reduce and stop petroleum with it's products, reduce and stop processed foods, and reduce and stop other cancer causing elements.

Cancer prevention from my point of view, means stop aluminum especially with diet and what is closest with your body.

Cancer prevention includes a V-A-S-T array of lead reduction and Lead Safety skills.

 Cancer prevention is Fighting cancer NOW so that you do not get it later.

Fighting cancer is being aware of chem trails and holding those companies who pollute liable.

Fighting cancer is Take Down the Aluminum road signs and use biodegradable material that we CAN replace every 3-5 years or so....

Fighting cancer is taking time to relax every day and practicing gratitude.  For example be grateful for air, we cannot survive without clean air.

Fighting cancer is acting on true and reasonable hazardous waste containment programs that help restore the earth and stop destroying it.

Fighting cancer is using Natural fertilizers, like other plants with leaves and stems, not the coal fired plants.

Fighting cancer is the use of plants with leaves and stems as pesticide.

Fighting cancer is stopping the use of poisonous objects no matter how socially acceptable they were and properly containing them as hazardous waste with doable attempts of nuetralizing the hazards, not just burying them for people great grand children to discover later.

Fighting cancer is keeping stress reduced.  

Cancer prevention is knowing the tips of chemical safety with whatever habits you keep.

Fighting cancer does not mean you have to be a vegetarian or a vegan, it does mean eating less red meat filled with man made hormones, pesticide feed.

Fighting cancer does mean re-establishing the meaning of healthy shelter.

Cancer prevention means eat something Healthy and small every two hours instead of the socially acceptable four hours with one big meal so that the digestive system of the body is respected.

Cancer prevention does effect Diabetes ll positively.

Cancer prevention does include exercise that is enjoyable.

Cancer prevention is reducing and stopping behavior that creates cancer.

Cancer prevention is choosing behavior that creates more health to self and those around me.

Here are some ideas that may help how to deal with the lead/pb in the 21st and 22nd century.  These ideas are expressed with the knowledge that 1 out of every 3 women in the USA has cancer as of 2012.  These ideas are expressed with the knowledge that 1 out of 2 men have cancer in 2012.  These ideas are expressed with the knowledge of what causes cancer and proven effective in differring cultures here within the USA.

Eliminate lead/pb from your belongings.

Pursue and develop reforestation for 1) oxygenation 2) wood ashing for soil remediation
3) toxic and hazardous waste containment
4) lumber yards

Encourage civilization to develop localization health habits that reduce exposure to lead/pb, mercury,
cadmium, uranium and other hazardous substance.

Encourage civilization to examine habits that create the need for such use of electricity and consumption of energy and to reduce and eliminate those habits that create such neediness.

Encourage civilization to examine, change, and maintain true health orientated eating habits.

Encourage civilization to stop polluting entirely.

Encourage civilization to develop mold prevention lifestyles.

Encourage healthy agricultural techniques that use only natural, non processed fertilizers and pesticides, like growing marigolds along side crops to reduce mosquitos.

Continue educating myself about which plants actually detour agrivating insects from crops.

To disobey to any body motion that causes low level lead exposure, and create more public awareness of the causes of cancer, including lead/pb and mold.

Encourage civilization to become aware of and practice alkalining nutrition programs.  

Eliminate all unnecessary electrical usage for water conservation and eliminate all unnessary electrical usage as an anti-pollution techniue.

Encourage all nations that invoke the growth of indoor and personal garden mold to anti mold behavior that is toxic-chemical free.  A healthy garden will NOT exhibit mold more than 3% or any tree disease and tree fungus  Owners of mold exhibitors are to be fined and charged with ACTIVE laws that include incarceration, fines, the completion of restorative measures  and prevention measures.  This includes blue green algea, e coli, and any other man made induced bacteria growth, with the exception of cillin antibiodics.

Eliminate all manufacturing of high fructose syrup.

Eliminate all manufacturing of anything with
refined processed white sugar.

Enforce all political figures to maintain a 2.5 NHanes Blood Lead Level and lower.  Political figures, including police officers will be fired if a 2.5 blood lead level  and lower is not achieved and maintained within 60 complete days.  Free mandatory blood level testing is to be done once a month (every 28 days) at the workplace.  All political figures include city planning officers, mayors, police, security guards including in prisons, wardens and other prison officials, judges from supreme court to civil city dispute officers, city commision boards, education officials and public school teachers, school loan officials, Hud housing officals, bankers and banking institutional executives.

Enforce understanding that when anyone's nHanes blood lead level is 2.5 and higher that they are under undue influence and not mentally capable of making decisions for themselves or anyone else.

Enforce that all medical doctors, nurses, PCA's, lab technician's, Transitional Skilled Living persons, mental health counselors, mental health professions, and environmental health professions, pharmaceutical technician's are to keep a Blood Lead level of 1.9 and lower on a consistant basis.  Free mandatory blood lead lead levels are to be checked at the workplace every 28 days.  If these professionals are not socially and personally responsible enough to keep a blood lead level of 1.9 and lower  within themselves on a regular basis these medical health professionals have no business being in the medical environmental health professon fields.  If blood lead levels of 2 and higher are found for more than 60 days it is automatic dismissal and these people are not to be allowed in the medical environmental health fields, since lead/pb is a neurotoxin and causes undue influence for healthy decision making.

Free mandatory blood lead level testing is to be done at all heavy metal industry workplaces and job related fields including iron workers, coal miners, oil field workers, auto industry, soil and grounds keeping, any electronic manufacturing, home repair and remodeling, plastics manufacturing, heavy machine operators,  are to keep a blood lead level of 2.5 and lower consistantly to prevent further injury to the body.  For these high risk jobs, free blood lead level testing is to be done every 14 days.  Since these jobs are high risk there is to be no firing or automatic dismissal, rather the employee is to be paid for time off while implementing apple pectin and other blood lead level lowering techniques and can return to work as soon as the blood lead levels have been kept at 2.5 and lower for 7 days.

Free mandatory blood lead levels are to be administered every 90 days for those people who are on disability.  One free lead surface test kit, that holds up to 12 lead surface tests are to be applied to the person's receiving disability belongings by a Lead Safe Trained Professional per year.  A lead safety works practice person is to be paid to help administer those receiving disability, lead surface test the disabled's personal belongings, quarunteen, and report the toxic item to the appropriate authorities.  It is up to the person on disability to replace the belonging into a lead free belonging or to have the item REMOVED.  When it comes to a person receiving disability there can be NO Personal possessions exceeding 5ppm lead unless the person receiving disability can keep and maintain their blood lead level below 4.  The person on disabilty forfeits the right to keep lead/pb personal objects at their discretion, because of undue influence.   The person receiving disabilty and has a blood lead level of 4 or higher is also held accountable for social responsibility due to contamination of neighboring grounds and the cause and effect relationship of contaminating section 8 housing.  Therefore the person receiving disability is to keep and maintain a blood lead level of 4 and lower and develop a lead safe: meaning all possessions are to be less than 5ppm lead/pb, lifestyle.   This includes ALL electrical cords.  The person receiving disability is to receive free instruction of how to change eating habits into blood lead level reduction and lead safe maintainence.  The person receiving disability is also to receive lead hazard education free, including lead paint, lead soldering hazards and especially more about electronic equipment. 

 Was it a Tornado, Several Tornadoes, or Several Microbursts that happened around 7:30am-8:45am March 12, 2006? Lawrence, KS, meanwhile record has it that 48, yep, 48 tornadoes touched down in Kansas City, KS and MO.

On March 12, 2006 between 6:30 to 7am I was thoroughly enjoying my coffee, the quiet, the pine tree, the sun rise and a Sunday morning meditation in the room farthest east of the house.  The east room had nice big windows, too.  I remember telling myself, "If you are really going to practice meditation, you really shouldn't be drinking coffee while you are doing meditation."  So I walked into my kitchen area and put my cup by the kitchen sink. I noticed that my clock read between 7:15-7:20 am. I walked back into the east room, I noticed that it was clouding up.  I did not think anything of it, it was March: Spring showers, bring May flowers.  As I was sitting down I noticed that there was some electricity in the air, more than average, I figured that there was going to be lightening soon and told myself that everything was "normal."

 So, there I was, sitting in Lotus position, I was focusing on my breathing.  I was paying attention to my lower gut breathing.  In and out, in and out, I noticed that the electricity in the air was getting stronger.  In and out, this voice said, " You need to go down stairs." 

So I got out of Lotus position calmly and stood up.  I noticed there was about twice the amount of electricity in the air than when I had sat down.
At that point, I walked hurriedly out of my apartment.  I quickly walked down the stairs.  When I was just past halfway down the stairwell, the WALLS starting BREATHING. In and out, in and out, about 5 inches from both walls.  I got scared.  I stopped. I counted stairs.  I had 5 stairs to go before I reached the bottom landing to the big front door.  I was right beside a small window about 14 inches tall and 18 inches wide.  I took cover.  I knelt down in squat position and started to cover my head.

As I started to cover my head, I looked out the big front door as most of it is glass.  I thought to myself, I hope this glass doesn't break.  All of the furniture and wind chimes blew off the front porch sideways, due north, only horizontally.  I covered my head with my arms.  A huge rain started, I peeked with my eyes.  This rain, it too was going sideways, horizontally.  This rain was NOT coming down.  It was LOUD.

At this point, the downstairs neighbor opened his door, exclaiming, "What in the blankety blank is going on? I was trying to get some sleep.  Blankety Blank."  Then he noticed me in the stairwell crouched down, then he looked out the big front door.  Then he noticed the rain going sideways and said, "wwwwwhhhhoooooaaaaa."   Both of us hung out there at the landing of the big front door watching the sideways rain for a few minutes.   It seemed like a small eternity to me.  He said, "Are you all right?" I moved my arms to my sides as I uncovered my head.
I nodded my head up.  He smiled.

The wind stopped blowing as the sideways rain stopped, this happened at the same time.  There was a moment of silence.  I thought to myself, "ugh oh."  It thundered, lightening flashed, and then rain started coming DOWN.  So I relaxed a bit and finished walking down the stairs.  It was not nearly as windy maybe 10-15 mph.  It rained hard for 10-15 minutes.  This rain too was LOUD.  When it stopped raining, the downstairs neighbor and I went out the big front door onto the porch.

The neighbor stated how some of his belongings were gone as I watched the next door neighbors come out of their houses.  I went out into the yard and said," Wanna go check out the neighborhood to see if everybody's OK?"

We took off walking going east from around 14th and Vermont.  There were four of us in our group.  In the front yard, it looked like snow because somebody's sleeping bag had blown apart and left polyester pillow stuffing everywhere.  

 I went on the south side of the house while my downstairs neighbor went on the north side of the house.  All four of us met up in the back yard.   I noticed that my sage I had growing in a pot was completely left untouched, while two "end of truck" city trash dumpsters had moved due north 15-20 feet.   I noticed that a few of the small window pane glasses were broken in the apartment below mine. There was not anyone in the downstairs apartment below mine at that time.   There was broken glass pieces in the yard and black roofing paper.

  I was wondering why my sage had not even been touched.

There were a lot of tree branches down, we all decided to check around the neighborhood.  I walked on the south side of the Mass Street Music Store building and saw the Central Junior High damage.  There was a tree with the diameter of 18-20 inches thick and the length of the tree was taking up both south bound lanes and one north bound lane of Massachusetts Street with the sound of an ambulance coming from the north.  I looked around for my group to see if they would help. Sure enough, I asked one of my neighbors close enough for loud talking distance, "Can you get me some help for this tree?" 

Neighbor, Luke said," Be right back."
I walked over to the tree hoping we would get it out of the street before the ambulance came through.  There was a photographer for the newspaper.  I asked him, "Will you help me move this tree?"

The Photographer said, "Do you care if I take your picture first?"

I said something to the effect, maybe not exactly, "Well, hurry up, can't you hear the ambulance coming?" 

I think the Photographer said something to the effect of, "Give me just one second."

Then my group showed up with 2 other men and we all moved the tree off of Massachusetts Street onto the northwest side of South Park. Luke, Matt, Logan, I, and two other men moved this tree.  I never got the two other gentleman's names.  By that time, there were several people by the Central Junior High and South Park.  Around 40-50 people showed up and had to begun to clear off Massachusetts street.   We all spent some time picking up branches, boughs, and limbs to clear Massachusetts street to make it passable.  There were also big pieces of copper tin in sheets of 5- 10 feet long 4-6 feet wide all crumpled up spread out across South Park.

Once Massachusetts Street was "clear enough," our group Matt, Logan, Luke and I went further east along 14th.  There were big branches down everywhere.  Concrete parts of the Central Junior High were broken. The vents on the roof top of the school were blown down.  The aluminum bleachers were folded, turned over and had moved no less than 75 feet into the field.

New Hampshire and Rhode Island on 14th appeared to be drivable.  There were people cleaning up their yards.  We asked people if they were alright, they all nodded their heads, kept picking up tree branches, and said, "Hi, we're doin' OK."

We walked to Connecticut and two members of our group disbanded and 2 of us kept walking.  Connecticut had a lot of damage, trees on top of cars.  There were trees that had smashed in peoples houses while they were sleeping.  Some people were upset.  We never heard about anybody being trapped in the area we walked in. 

We headed west on 13 Street back to Massachusetts and to Vermont.  We visited with several people along the way. 

There were no officials running around to say if it was okay to go back into our homes.  There was no yellow tape of caution established, within 2 hours after the drastic winds.  Everyone went freely around to and fro their homes.

I would also like to clarify:
1) The morning of March 12, 2006 the tornado sirens did not go off to warn anybody to go take shelterThere were RADIO announcements.
2) No one in Lawrence, Kansas had ever heard of the word micro burst, unless they have had prior meteorology training.

) The FPP Tornado Scale (Fujita Pearson) bases their decisions on damage and debris of tornadoes, not size nor travel.  According to: The Fujita - Pearson (FPP) Tornado Scale, what I saw with my eyes is somewhere between F0 to F2 scale of damage in the  areas of 13th through 15th Streets of Vermont through Connecticut Streets.

I walked up the stairs to my HEAVY METAL CONTAMINATED home. I had left the door open. I walked to where I had been meditating. There was shattered glass on the floor, where I had been sitting before I walked down the stairs.

Then I walked over to the bathroom. Any and everything that was on a shelf had blown into the tub. Everything in the drawers was still in tact. The top drawer was open and everything was still there. Except there were brown metal flakes in it
The brown metal flakes, Fail a home lead test, smell horrible, will make you sick, will elevate your lead blood levels past OSHA standards, JUST BY BREATHING IT especially if in heavily saturated areas!!  They look like little pieces of RUST.

I walked back into the kitchen area noticing brown flakes on the floor. These flakes were like splinters they were up to 1/4 inch long to dust metallic particles.

I noticed that there were brown metal particles all over the landing that I normally swept and mopped on a weekly to twice a week basis. There were smaller amounts of brown metal flakes on the stairs on the stairs where I had taken cover.

There were brown metal flakes on top of my stove and underneath the top of it.  Out of the four years that I had lived there I had never seen these brown metallic particles until the microburst of March 12, 2006 .

There were brown metal splinters that sliced through my futon, linen herb neck pillow, sheets and blankets.  There were brown metal flakes and splinters etched into the carpet and linoleum.

There were brown metal flakes in some of my clothes. There were brown metal flakes in the drapes that I had sewn by hand. There were brown metal flakes in the curtains in the kitchen that I had sewn by hand. 

There were brown metal flakes on top of my belongings that blew into the bathtub.  There were brown metal flakes on the bathroom floor.

There were brown metal flakes on my silverware that I used to eat with. There were brown metal splinters in several of my cooking utensils.

Just a reminder:  The brown metal flakes, Fail a home lead test, smell horrible, will make you sick, will elevate your lead blood levels past OSHA standards, JUST BY BREATHING IT especially if in heavily saturated areas!!  They look like little pieces of RUST.

Just stating the facts, these brown metal splinters came through the window that broke out and other air leaks; these brown metal flakes came from a source outside of the house. I also noticed these brown metal flakes around the Brook Creek Area, Lawrence, KS in OTHER people's homes.  There were or are these brown metal splinter debris in the north Louisiana area of Lawrence, KS.

Just a reminder:  The brown metal flakes, Fail a home lead test, smell horrible, will make you sick, will elevate your lead blood levels past OSHA standards, JUST BY BREATHING IT especially if in heavily saturated areas!!  They look like little pieces of RUST.

One thing I have noticed about these brown metal flakes is that they like to leach with objects that have pre-existing lead/.  Venetian blinds are a good example and light sockets.  Lead Leaching is where the lead/Pb attaches onto other articles that have lead/Pb in them; lead/Pb leaches even more when there is heat applied.  So think about it, Venetian blinds guard against the heat of the sun and light sockets heat up when you flip the light switch both items are known to contain lead/Pb.

By using techniques suggested by visiting with a specialist from the National Lead Center, taking a Lead/Pb Safety Works Practice Class as suggested by US Poison Control, receiving counsel from the Center for Disease Control as a health care provider, I quite successfully quarantined all of my salvageable belongings while protecting my body from the aftermath exposure of lead/Pb splinter debris that was stirred up from the winds of the March 12, 2006 microburst. 

Since the Lawrence, KS Community does NOT have a contamination waste office readily available for the safety of general public, especially in regards to lead/Pb contamination, the lead metal flake damaged articles not salvageable and lead/Pb flakes, but contained in plastic unfortunately went into everyday trash even after notifying the landlords, the City Planning Commission, the Douglas County Health Department, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, EPA Region 7, and the United States Poison Control. 

I attempted to be as responsible as I could be for myself and all other people considered.  It's too bad that the community at large was not encouraging about wood ashing hazardous waste materials and is so willing to continue to contaminate the very grounds they live on.  I am very willing to bury all contamination in wood ash.  I felt like I was being looked at like I was crazy figuratively speaking.  

Prior to the microburst of Lawrence, KS March 12, 2006,  I unfortunately was not educated enough about the dangers of historical outdoor lead/pb plumbing.    

The Lead pb INDOOR PLUMBING was OUTLAWED in the 1960's nationwide.  It seems that simply covering the historical OUTDOOR PLUMBING with gutter board was a hazardous solution.  Another hazardous solution was to simply put PANELING OVER LEAD PAINT COVERED WALLS.

I just was not thinking , "Gee there might be left over asbestos, arsenic and lead/pb from the debris," when I walked back into my old residency.   I achieved my health by taking action of the suggestions of a naturopathic doctor and naturopath nurse, two different reflexologists, using my own pre-existing knowledge of what is health and how to keep it.  I also relied on a few friends experiences who lived through remodeling arsenic and lead/pb exposure jobs prior to the Lead Safety Works Practice Renovation Laws.

  The situation of lead/pb illness by debris greatly affected my health and I am grateful for all knowledge bases provided through LEAD/pb AWARE friends, doctors and Lead Poisoning Prevention Programs.  The way I accomplished reudction of lead/pb and other heavy metal debris in my blood stream is this:  nutritionally in addition to vacating the contaminated area, quarantining what I could keep like my birth certificate, social security card, clothing, work tools, is: 1) Apple pectin therapy, 4 (four) to 9 (nine) apples daily as recommended by professionals. 2) Onion therapy, one third of an onion to a whole onion a day, onions are known to reduce swelling; also recommended by professionals. 3) Calcium therapy via collard greens and broccoli, two pounds weekly; this is recommended by professionals. 4) Garlic therapy at least one clove a day up to by six cloves daily; this is recommended professionals. 5) Herbs that are MILD chelators and the specific herbs that I use will not be discussed here as each person has their own relationship with the plants. Up to 3 cups of herbal tonic a day is what is recommended by herbal professionals. 6) Kelp is also recommended by professionals. 7) Legumes via lentils, beans and peanuts are recommended by professionals. 8) Reducing exposure of lead/pb (see RoHS paragraph below) 9) Reiki 10) Reflexology, there are several reflexology exercises available for the detoxification of lead/pb and other heavy metals from the body and nerve stimulant reflexology exercises to regain motor skills, fine and large; this too is recommended by professionals. 11) Sweating, which is recommended by professionals, due to the FACT that lead/pb leaves the body through the skin as well as hair, nails, urine and feces. Saunas, steam rooms, inipi ceremonies and good old fashion work is how to accomplish sweating. 12) Dry skin exfoliation, five minutes daily is what is recommended by professionals. I use loofah due to the natural fibers. 13) Mild to moderate exercise via walking and appropriate stretching. Above moderate exercise is not recommended for those who are experiencing heavy metal poisoning symptoms. 14) Deep breathing exercises. 15) Aluminum Abstinence Therapy, several doctors have noted that reducing exposure of aluminum, especially out of the diet, reduces the effects of lead poisoning symptoms also. 16) MOLD avoidance.

Suffering is LESS if other people would be housing less mold.  Mold contributes to lead/pb intoxication symptoms.  When people have elevated lead/pb levels, it is incredibly difficult for the body's immune system to fight off illnesses derived from man made mold.

Paralysis was one of my major symptoms when I accidentally walked into people's homes with mold.  Mold experts and certified mold educators validate this fact.  There were times when I was over 30% paralyzed over my whole body making it incredibly difficult to work and financially support myself.  I also quit doing some yoga after researching that 2 yoga exercises cause Bell's Palsy and facial paralysis.

A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to Timothy C. Hain, MD, the Chicago Clinic of Dizziness and Hearing, website: 

I no longer do the downward dog yoga pose because of the debris.  Several illness can occur when one is exposed to debris from wind.  Please read this article titled:  BPPV -- Benign Parozysmal Positional Vertigo

If you have more questions please contact:  Timothy C. Hain, MD,
The Chicago Clinic of Dizziness and Hearing, website:

If you are enrolled in yoga classes or working with a personal trainer, please get your blood lead level checked before proceeding.  Most PROFESSIONAL personal trainers and yoga instructors know NOTHING of lead/pb poisoning nor lead/pb related illnesses.

In other words if you are doing a traditional sun salute that includes the downward dog and are having dizzy symptoms, confusion, lack of coordination, PLEASE GET YOUR BLOOD LEAD LEVELS CHECKED, in addition to regular medical care. 

Catherine Guthrie, wrote a medical review called "Proceed with Caution," for Yoga Journal.  It speaks of several poses to be used with care. 

 Since surviving the debris, I now apply lead/pb surface tests after any wind storm. In my opinion, I should not have ever gone back into my old home without a chemical barrier suit, due to the FACT: microbursts, tornadoes, high winds carry DEADLY debris that includes LEAD/Pb, arsenic, asbestos, BBP, DEET, etc.  Speaking from experience, I suggest that anyone who cares about their health to test for lead/pb before re-entering their home after coming out of shelter from high winds.

Some of the debris that was stirred up is from historical buildings and from noncompliant factories.  It is a historical fact that traditionally thru 1850's -1920's upon the invention of plumbing as a standard practice was to have attached to the water attic tanks lead/pb plumbing pipes surround the outside of the house and a lead/pb pipe running down the chimney for hot water.

My studies indicate that lead/pb was used before iron.  Indoor plumbing in some areas is still not in use in some parts of the USA region in the year of 2012.  My understanding is that in Kansas indoor plumbing started to be accepted in the 1920's.  In Lawrence, KS we still have buildings standing from the 1860's.

Here are some links from other residents of Lawrence, KS regarding the March 12. 2006 microburst experience.  The photos from the Lawrence Journal World are used by permission. Thank you.

The University of Kansas was closed March 13, 2006 from property damage

The University of Kansas had put temporary covers over roof tops until more permanent repair could take place:

Businesses, Residences Picking UP March 31, 2006,

Photos of Lawrence, KS March 12, 2006 Microburst
Lawrence Journal World

One fact that several professionals have known for several years is that: Lead/pb causes cancer.  

As of February 9, 2012 a friend told me the statistics that 35% of the people who live in Lawrence, KS have cancer. 

Lead/pb and mold  are at the top for creating illness according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, USA.

Computer lead/pb sources are the outside surface plastic, the soldering, the cords, and the glass.
Sign MoveOn Petition to LOWER PEL to ZERO.  Lead/pb is the 6th leading cause of cancer. No amount of lead is safe.


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What is wind poisoning 
l  What is the natural squatting position  l

Why do I need to stay off of aluminum, especially if I have a blood lead level distribution that is higher than 1?  l

By watching my finger nails and toe nails, what can I learn?  l

Cook ware, Lead/pb and Cancer  l

What is Lead Safety  l   What is Lead Safety Works Practice  

What is Lead Abatement  l  What is Lead Paint Inspection l

What city in Kansas was evacuated because ALL the Children got Lead/pb Poisoning?

Advisory Committee for Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention  l  
How can I practice Lead Safety Skills  Tailings, Lead Mining

What kind of safety gloves do I need to wear when I am lead surface testing my common everyday electric cords  l

What's wrong with Latex  What is CANCER prevention 

What is a Lead Safe Environment or Lead Safe Area 

Why can't I play outside at my school or in my backyard 

What's WRONG with cans, metal canned food  l

How far does radiation travel at Sunflower Ammunition's Plant in DeSoto,KS

What's the alkaline80/acid20 nutrition program

What's Wrong with Bread What's WRONG with fruit juices  l

What is a GREEN drink  YES,  lead/pb leaves the bones 

Chelation Therapy is NOT recommended for Elevated Lead Levels l

What is the National Lead Information Center

What are antiques with lead/pb  l  Lead Surface Testing Accuracy

Keeping Antiques with lead/pb in glass helps reduce lead exposure |

Playing a lead/pb safe music instrument at 30 minutes daily helps our health l

Light sockets contain lead/pb  l Choline helps elevated lead levels

Drinking, Cooking, Showering, Washing Water in Lead Safety  l   

Old & claw foot bath tubs are poisonous & don't go in the yard for flowers! 

What's lead plumbing What's WRONG with silver lining lunch pails  l

2006 Microburst PoisoningLead Comes from Zinc & Lead Mining

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