Performance Calendar:
 Valentine's Day Dance
United Methodist Church
946 Vermont Street
Lawrence, KS
February 13, 2016 Saturday
BRC keyz
 7:30 to 10pm

Daylight Espresso Town Galleria
715 Eighth Street, Baldwin, KS
Tuesdays or Fridays 2015 8:45am to ??
Have FRESH squeezed lemonade, a sandwich &/or coffee

Vermillion, South Dakota

Cafe Acoustic in St. Joseph, MO
Lisa Hancock,
from Cafe Acoustic raves, "Singer/Songwriter Natalie Cox moves from guitar to piano with the ease of sliding into a pair of much loved old jeans.  Her strong vocals propel her melodies beyond earth and nature, which she writes of so eloquently.  For a real treat ask her to sing the haunting melody 'This Mountain' a cappella."
 "4 Things Natalie's Music Has...
              Passion, Integrity, Quality and Commitment"
                                   by Marvin Voth, Script Editor Lawrence, KS. 
Television show and radio play examples include AIROS -American Indian Radio on Satellite; KMRS in Morris, MN; KLPR in Kearney, NE; KKFI in Kansas City, MO; KJHK in Lawrence, KS and internet stations. Television examples are Coffee with Cush,  The Fusion Show, and the Nightly News on WIBW in Topeka, KS.
As a songwriter and recording artist,  Natalie Cox is affiliated with
BMI , a performing rights organization.
Some of the shows in different cities as a singer/songwriter I have done are in the states of Minnesota, South Dakota, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri include: University of South Dakota Earth Day Program in Brookings,SD;  Kansas City Community College, Kansas City, KS for the Winona LaDuke for vice-president and Ralph Nader for president Presidential Campaign,...,
Stop the Coal Train Extravaganza in Mitchell, SD; Universities of Nebraska in Kearney, Lincoln and Omaha, The Bison Symposium in Lincoln, NE; Morningside College & June Jam in Sioux City, IA; Glasco and Miltonvale Public Schools ,KS;  the Kansas State Fair, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS;  Douglas County Bank Senior Citizen Birthday Program in Lawrence, KS; and the Apple Fest in Kansas City, KS.
Some, not all, repeat performances, Natalie Cox, as a singer/songwriter include: Bambino's Restaurant, Lawrence, KS; Barnes and Noble, Independence, Missouri, Brown Bear, Lawrence, KS; Doc and Bruties Restaurant, DeSoto, KS;Fountain Follies, University of Nebraska, Lincoln; Lawrence, Public Library, Lawrence, KS; Stu's Midtown
Tavern, Lawrence, KS; Toto's, Mission, KS;
Uncle John's, Sioux City, Iowa: Maple Leaf Festival, Baldwin, KS; and Unity Church of Lawrence, KS.
Nomer from the Explorer remarks from one of Natalie Cox's live shows, “An ardent environmentalist, Cox devotes several of her songs to messages of peace and earth preservation.”
Johnny Winslow, national artist, joined her performance for the Kansas Advocacy and Protection Services. Winslow states, "Natalie: a very talented spirit-she has a style that is different.":
Some recording work Natalie Cox has done as a musician and songwriter, not all, includes soundtracks for the Relaxation Series by Jim Haynes, creator of Kiemotion Therapy and two documentaries by Ironwood Films.                                                    top of Singer Songwriter Natalie Cox Bio
1)It's a Soul Thing          2)Bear Some Soul      3) Higher Cause

  4) Stand for the Solution ---is on the radio

Co-founder of Songwriter’s
Circle of Kansas City
reviews about Bear Some Soul: "..., with her powerful vocals, she reminds me of the great singer/songwriter Buffy Saint-Marie. There is a good mix of serious, fun, folk, blues and alternative,..., all done with plenty of soul.”
As a recording artist, Natalie Cox is affiliated with
The Orchard They are a record label and distributor. 
If you would like to have more information, schedule a performancepurchase a compact disc, have a music lesson, or Reiki session
Please feel free to contact:

Natalie Cox 

Phone:  785-842-9219,


Mail: PO Box 1915, Lawrence, KS 66044

If you have more questions about lead/pb or other hazardous household dangers, please contact your Regional or Local EPA Office.

Uncle John's Sioux City, Iowa

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Contact Info:
Natalie Cox 


Phone: 785-842-9219

PO Box 1915, Lawrence, KS 66044  

Please be sure to visit Lead/pb Watch for Kids  .  Lead is a brain poison. Lead causes confusion leading your body towards death.  Lead/pb Watch for Kids is a comprehensive educational section about lead.  Please lead surface test your belongings for your children health. Lead Surface tests are available at most hardware store in the home safety isle or paint section.  They can be obtained anywhere from $1.99 up to $29 for a package of 28 tests.

Lead/pb problems stem from mines, smelters, paint, consumer products, electronic equipment, plumbing, computer cords, soldering,...etc, When we remove even some of our lead problem, health increases and those of us that suffer with other health problems benefit too.
Please support RoHS, Restriction of Hazardous Substance.

To help eliminate cancer and childhood lead poisoning TAKE ACTION and help lower the legal Lead Threshold Limit of zero for children, including infants.

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Rhythm for Peace and Natalie Cox STRONGLY OPPOSES any and all actions of the copying and selling other artists work that do not fairly pay the artist being copied.

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Rhythm for Peace and Natalie Cox reserves the right to refuse business with anyone on the grounds of environmental toxic exposure, bullying and any and all other forms of emotional and physical abuse.

Rhythm for Peace and Natalie Cox reserves the right to expose wrong doing, reserves the right to keep and maintain my own health by my own standards whether it is in accordance with the law or lack thereof.   Rhythm for Peace and Natalie Cox always reserves the right to agree to disagree with any and all shenanigans that interfere with the health, liberty, and justice for any individual.  This right  includes all spectrum's of law; this may mean enforcement, civil disobedience, and introduction of imbalancing unhealthy social structure. 
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Rhythm for Peace and Natalie Cox reserves the right to overthrow any unhealthy government, unfair law, reserves the right to overthrow any unhealthy governmental office and agency, reserves the right to overthrow any and all unjust business laws, unjust and unethical financial institutions, and to deny any other privacy policy or law that interferes with free thinking, health, liberty, and justice.

 If you have any questions about this Rhythm for Peace Privacy Policy and Statements please contact Natalie Cox: by email; or by writing to Natalie Cox, Rhythm for Peace, PO Box 1915, Lawrence, KS 66044; or by phone 785-842-9219.

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